Airwheel declared emergence of intelligent scooters as the next significant event in the history of human civilization and vehicles

If there is a museum for all vehicles, what are the next significant events in the history of vehicles?

If people want to build a museum for all vehicles people invented and designed in the history, there are moments which people must remember for they are the evolution of both city vehicles and human civilizations.

intelligent scooters

When the steam engine was invented, people started to know that they could do much more than they could if they made good use of the gifts the earth gave them. The revolution in people’s productivity drove people to require more in the transportation. So for land transportation people started to improve the industrial designs for producing vehicles with power system of steam engines. Then the first generation of cars were invented.

Gradually, people found that steam engines couldn’t satisfy the massive needs of transportation people needed on land. So they started to search for more powerful and suitable power sources for vehicles. Then people found fossil fuels which contain much more energy. With fossil fuels, people could design and produce engines with smaller sizes yet much more powerful performances. Human civilization, which has been carried by wheels for thousands of years, greatly increased its speed this time.

Airwheel X3 single-wheeled self-balancing scooter

After being satisfied in the needs of performances, people started to pursue something out of the practicality of vehicles. So there are so many brands in the world today which pursue extreme performances and fashion designs. Now sports cars, SUV, and other types of cars all have a great amount of fans. The prosperity of the vehicle industry today may also leave people a question: where is the next revolutionary direction of vehicles? The next remarkable events in the museum must be the intelligent technologies and electronic technologies.

Leading by modern enterprises like Segway and Airwheel, electric scooter industry are the new focus of city residents who love to experience novel and revolutionary riding experiences. The intelligent technologies and electronic technologies applied into the intelligent scooters enable riders to control them without hands. And the scientific looks and portable vehicle body of Airwheel electric scooters attract consumers’ eyes, too.

If there is a museum for all vehicles, the intelligent scooters must be the next significant events in the history of human civilization and vehicles.

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