Avalon Document Services and Buffalo-based DIGITS LLC Join Forces

National eDiscovery and Managed Services Provider formalizes its longtime partnership with Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Firm.

BUFFALO, NY – 09 Feb, 2016 – Avalon Document Services, a national provider of eDiscovery, managed services, and traditional litigation support services to law firms and corporations, today announced that it has joined forces with Buffalo-based DIGITS LLC, a national provider of digital forensics and cyber security services. The deal formalizes a long-standing relationship between the entities as Avalon owners JP Midgley and Shawn Thrall close on an equity position alongside DIGITS’s CEO, Michael McCartney.

“We are extremely excited to formalize our relationship with DIGITS.  The pooling of resources will streamline operations and continue to fuel the fast growth that both our entities have been experiencing over the last several years,” stated Avalon’s CEO, JP Midgley.

The deal should come as no surprise to their clients.  The companies have been working alongside each other since 2009 to provide law firms and corporate legal departments with services to support the full lifecycle of litigation. Avalon and DIGITS will condense offices in Rochester and Cleveland and merge headquarters in Avalon’s office at 741 Main Street in Buffalo. The deal brings together over 120 professionals, making it one of the nation’s largest providers of eDiscovery, digital forensics, and cyber security services.

“This merger makes perfect sense. It marries two companies that were already connected and who’s products and services were designed to be interoperable.  With the co-location of our professionals and technology, we will be better able to streamline our collective services to our clients,” stated DIGITS’s CEO, Michael McCartney.

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, with corporate breaches dominating headlines on a daily basis. The law enforcement and security background of DIGITS, combined with Avalon’s deep project management and technical team, positions the unified company to differentiate itself from the masses that are jumping on the cyber security bandwagon. The merged entity expects to add 5-10 cyber security professionals in 2016 alone.

More information on DIGITS and Avalon can be found at digitsllc.com and teamavalon.com

About Avalon Document Services:

Avalon, a national leader in document services, was founded in 2000 in Syracuse, New York, and provides eDiscovery, managed services, and traditional litigation support services to law firms and corporations across the United States.

For more information, please visit www.teamavalon.com


DIGITS LLC was founded in 2006 to fill the need in the legal and corporate communities for highly skilled digital forensics, proactive cyber security services, corporate computer investigations, cyber security incident response and advisory services, eDiscovery and litigation support services, and general digital forensic consulting needs.  DIGITS LLC’s officers have over 115 years of combined federal and state law enforcement experience and decades of experience as leaders in digital forensics and advanced technology investigations.

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