American Monetary Association Podcast Host Jason Hartman Speaks to Popeye’s Chicken CEO Cheryl Bachelder on Fast Food Industry

Fast Food Business Queen Discusses How She Turned Around Struggling Franchise and Effects of Minimum Wage Hike

San Diego, CA – American Monetary Association founder Jason Hartman spoke with Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen (NASDAQ symbol PLKI) CEO Cheryl Bachelder on the organization’s podcast. Bachelder is also author of the bestselling book DARE TO SERVE: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others.

Bachelder shared how she transformed Popeye’s (PLKI) from a distressed fast food chain into a leader in its industry.

“The next stage of our company’s transformation will be technology-driven,” Bachelder said. “We will learn how to forecast demand better and learn how to reduce waste.”

The conversation then shifted to a debate on minimum wage. Bachelder said it’s important that politicians in Washington frame laws that won’t destroy the business models the fast food industry is so dependent on.

“Minimum wage is a starting wage,” Bachelder said. “It’s the wage you receive on the first day on the job… not when you get promoted. You can’t double the starting wage overnight and create sustainable business.”

Bachelder praised the origins of Popeye’s to Louisiana style food. She mentioned that there is no end to more recipes in the future.

“Our chicken is fresh and marinated,” Bachelder said. “You can’t get these flavors anywhere else because of our Louisiana base.”

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