Premium E Juices has built customers all around the world

There are two new premium ejuice lines that are perfect for experienced vapers everywhere: the Lane Cove Vapor ejuice line and the PoH ejuice line. People in the vaping community will already be familiar with the names Ruby Roo and Plumes of Hazard: they’re two of the most popular YouTube reviews in the vaping community. Now, they have actually introduced their own lines that will no doubt meet their own exacting standards and which are backed by their years of experience reviewing premium e juice and everything else.

These lines are both available in Canada and they represent some of the best in Toronto vapes. People can find these lines at However, these lines are sure to be people with vapers who are represented in a lot of different locations. Ruby Roo and Plumes of Hazard have fans all around the world, and they already have a built in audience for their two lines of premium ejuice.

The Lane Cove Vapor ejuice line was inspired by the traditional Australian flavors that Ruby Roo encountered during her early life. She’s managed to inject a lot of love and a lot of personal history into this ejuice and it shows. Vapers who want an authentic Australian taste for nostalgia or for a change of pace will really love the ejuice from the Lane Cove Vapor line. However, to lots of people, this line is just full of great ejuice, and they’ll love every minute of it.

The PoH ejuice line is another great option for the people who are looking for premium ejuice. Vapers everywhere have been raving about the PoH ejuice line ever since it has been introduced. The Mast Tea flavor has been particularly popular among customers. Customers have reported that it strikes a lovely balance between tasting sweet and tasting like crisp tea.

However, customers will be able to take their pick among a line of other excellent flavors, including Way Up Here, Foo’s Gold, and Abolish Mint. Foo’s Gold tastes like cookies, Way Up Here tastes like tropical fruits, and Abolish Mint would put every traditional menthol cigarette in the world to shame. These flavors will give people some of the absolute best in Toronto vapes.

People everywhere are trading their traditional cigarettes for e cigarettes. The popularity of YouTube vape reviewers like Ruby Roo and Plumes of Hazard helps demonstrate the fact that a veritable subculture is growing around electronic cigarettes. Vapers are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the broader world stage, which is finally starting to realize that there alternatives to cigarettes out there.

Becoming a connoisseur of ejuice is starting to become popular within the electronic cigarette community, and the people who are able to get to that level are developing a certain degree of status. The Lane Cove Vapor line and the PoH ejuice line already stand out within the electronic cigarette community. The people who use them are going to manage to stand out as well, and in all the best ways. They will have a great experience with every single taste of these premium ejuices.

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