Wolf Intelligence Announces Solution for Governments Concerned About Citizens Using Encrypted Tech to Communicate With Foreign Terrorists

09 Feb, 2016 – The danger governments face from people within their borders using a variety of encrypted and privacy focused technology to communicate and plan with criminals and terrorists in foreign countries is a very real one.  Wolf Intelligence, a leader in high-tech intelligence systems, recently announced they have new government-only solutions for this problem, effective against even very high levels of encryption.

It is often thought that individuals using things like TOR, VPN services, special apps or cleverly designed smart phones can get around government attempts at tracking or monitoring their communications with known terrorists. Wolf Intelligence recently declared that this is anything but the case. The company offers technology that is able to identify and track these kinds of communication. They offer this product only to government agencies that wish to boost their intelligence gathering capabilities.

“We understand the challenges governments often face if someone is talking using encrypted communication over a mobile app,” commented a spokesperson from Wolf Intelligence.  “If someone is using TOR or VPN, the government can’t track or intercept communication of mobiles or laptops.  Also, if someone uses a SIM card and throws it away after each call, the government can’t get new targets.  We’ve studied this all deeply and out new AI solution can be a game changer when it comes to facing any of these issues.”

”Wolf’s new AI Automatic Profiling system presents a solution to governments with a high priority of monitoring and identifying terrorist suspects.  It operates based on monitoring for common terrorist behavior, such as contacting known terrorist sponsoring nations, or nations with large amounts of terrorist activity. If someone is using What’s App, Signal, VOIP, TOR/VPNS, encrypted phones or other tech to contact these places, these activities can now be kept under surveillance in real time.”

The Artificial Intelligence Automatic Profiling System is available as a free service for governments in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe to reduce crime using technology. 

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