“Scouting for Diamonds” Film Gets Major League Attention in Bottom Of The Ninth

Players, Staff and Fans Urged to Support “Invisible Heroes” Love Story

Even for diehard baseball fans, the details of scouting are often a mystery. A new feature documentary film (in progress) “Scouting for Diamonds” shines a spotlight on the invisible heroes of baseball: the scouts. The scouting professionals who have been sharing their instincts and insights for decades – and are barely a footnote in history – now take center stage. Directed by veteran filmmaker Molly Secours, “Scouting for Diamonds” will appeal not only to die-hard baseball fans, but anyone who enjoys a nostalgic romance.

In the film we hear from some of the greatest legends in the game – including Willie Mays, Wade Boggs George Brett, Dusty Baker – as well as the scouts themselves – like Royals Veteran Scout, Art Stewart & former MLB Scouting Bureau Director, Don Pries – who recognized many a young player’s immense talents and offered them a path to fame and fortune. While baseball scouts are rarely acknowledged despite their critical contributions to the sport, “Scouting for Diamonds” provides an intimate look at how they operate, what motivates them, and the immense satisfaction they derive from helping their organization improve. Most importantly, this may be the last chance to document what seems to be a profession in decline.

After screening the trailer at Winter Meetings before several-hundred baseball executives in Nashville last December, Secours was encouraged to embark on a crowd funding campaign to fill a short term funding gap so the production company can continue. Major league support has grown immensely as word gets out. After seeing the 4-minute trailer, beloved Pirates Manager, Clint Hurdle said: “This is the greatest story ‘never’ told. Molly and the scouts need our help to finish.” Hurdle then issued a “Selfless-Selfie” challenge whereby contributors pledge in honor of the scout who signed them. The Selfies are then posted on social media challenging others to do the same. And several days ago, both the Boston Red Sox & Pittsburg Pirates publicly endorsed “Scouting For Diamonds” and are encouraging all Major League Teams – including staff, players and fans – to support the project.

Although “Scouting for Diamonds” is an independent film – funded by investors rather than a large Hollywood studio – it has a budget of $1.1 million. The story takes us to Cuba, Dominican Republic, and perhaps Japan. Some of these funds have already been raised through angel investors and a hugely successful, initial crowd-funding campaign. The production team is trying to raise $85,000 in the second stage of fundraising. These funds will be used to finance filming of Spring Training.

With 9 days left it’s literally bottom of the ninth. If you would like to be a part of this historic film project, please consider making a donation to the Indiegogo campaign and telling your friends about it. In return for supporting this campaign, you may get valuable perks like stories and photos from production, digital posters, digital film download, invitation to a film screening, signed poster, “Special Thanks” credit in the film, “Angel Producer” credit, or “Associate Producer” credit.

To learn more about “Scouting for Diamonds” or to make a donation, please visit http://bit.ly/1Q0F3LZ or contact Bottom Of The Ninth Films at: info@scoutingfordiamonds.com

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