BrandShare Discusses How They Help Leading Brands Get Their Products in Customers’ Homes While Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Senior Vice President of Sales Business Development of BrandShare, Bekki Gredinger.
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Los Angeles, CA – February 10, 2016 – BrandShare, a company that has been at the forefront of targeting and reaching E-commerce customers right where they live, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed BrandShare Senior Vice President of Sales Business Development, Bekki Gredinger.

Bekki Gredinger commented on why it is often cost prohibitive for marketers to reach these lucrative online buyers by stating, “Not every brand has a hundred-million dollar advertising budget. Even those consumer products with larger budgets are always looking for targeted yet scalable tactics to add to their marketing mix. With TV advertising on the wane, and online banner ads continually blocked, it is becoming more and more difficult for these brand marketers to reach and engage targeted audiences who respond well to high quality product samples and incentives.”

She added that BrandShare provides a return on investment unmatched by other sampling and in-home marketing tactics. By including product samples in E-commerce packages shipped directly to specific buying audiences, BrandShare offers a wholly unique method of introducing their clients’ brands to consumers in their homes, where they are most inclined to try the products.

With the largest E-commerce Media Network in the world, BrandShare has delivered more than 62 million product samples directly into the hands of consumers. 

Learn more about BrandShare and its unique sampling and advertising platform on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. There will also be a look into the company and their processes for securing, targeting and distributing samples and ads.

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “This is an innovative way to approach advertising. By getting the product in the home, there is a higher conversion rate for companies.”

Tune in to see Brandshare on the Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on February 13, 2016 at 5:00pm ET.

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