New Film “Butterflies” Examines How a Traumatic Event can Disrupt One’s Mental Health

In the short film, “Butterflies” a young woman is traumatized when she is involved in a shooting incident. In an attempt to find a remedy to her post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Annabelle then volunteers for a virtual reality experiment. When the therapy goes awry, Annabelle finds herself trapped with another patient. Her only hope for escape is to overcome her anxiety.

Writer and director of “Butterflies” is Melissa Bennett, a veteran filmmaker with a long line of successful projects. “Butterflies” is a product of Melissa’s firsthand experiences with panic attacks. The film is intended to start a dialogue between the general public and sufferers of PTSD and other mental illnesses. It is estimated that almost 24.5 million Americans will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives.

To provide locations, housing, transportation, sets, costumes and crew for the North Carolina shoot, Melissa and her production team have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $20,000. Many of her producers and crew have been involved in award-winning film projects, and all of their immense talents will be required for this ambitious project.

“Butterflies” promises to be an eye-opening film that will appeal to audiences from all corners of the globe, but it requires your support. In return for financially backing this project, you can receive perks like “Thank You” cards, a DVD of “Butterflies”, film posters, golf balls, folded book art, an official slate, or Executive Producer credit.

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