NAVIN Launches ProView S3: 3-Axis Gimbal for Larger Size (4K) Smartphone

NAVIN Corp. launches ProView S3, a high-performance 3-axis gimbal stabilizer capable of handling 4.7″ to larger size 5.7″ screen smartphone with 4K video recording capability. It eliminates shakiness in smartphone video recording, resulting in cinematic shots, and enables everyone to capture the world around them with superb video footage to tell their stories. ProView S3 enables smooth video result with professional quality regardless of camera movement while recording.

High-torque brushless DC motors with superior gripping power are used in the design, to allow handling of larger and heavier smartphones. Adopting an advanced dual IMU design, it delivers state-of-art camera stabilization performance with much less drift than gimbals using only a single IMU.

ProView S3 is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo,, ending on March 3, 2016. Shipment for Indiegogo backers is expected in July, 2016.

Well-known weak points of most existing smartphone gimbals on the market are addressed by ProView S3; e.g., weak motors unable to handle larger and heavier smartphones to stabilize video recording well.

The benefits unique to ProView S3 include:

• Superior performance with heavier smartphones
• Better wind resistance
• Improved accuracy
• Four operating modes, encompassing most possible usages
• Elegant single button design for on/off control and joystick pan-tilt control
• Intuitive operating mode display via front-panel LED display
• Ergonomic design for easy mounting of smartphone

Larger size smartphones with very high resolution (4K) camera are rapidly gaining popularity. ProView S3 enables owner of these smartphones to take cinematic quality video at fractional cost of professional gimbal equipment or 4K camera with integrated gimbal.

NAVIN has been working on smartphone gimbal design since March of 2015. NAVIN went through three major iterations of gimbal electronical and mechanical design changes over the past ten months, improving on performance, usability, and manufacturability to arrive at the current high-performance design, nearly ready for mass production.

The team consists of veterans in embedded system design, application software design, and product manufacturing. Previously NAVIN has designed and sold highly acclaimed miniHomer, a GPS Position Finder product. Competing against products by world-renowned manufacturers, e.g., Garmin eTrex 30, Magellan eXplorist 610, and Falk Ibex 40 in a 6-month extensive product testing performed by German Wander Magazin; miniHomer stood out winning seal of approval alongside with Garmin eTrex 30.

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NAVIN started out making outdoor personal location safety products that meet customer needs and improve quality of life. Currently making leading-edge technology from aerial photography and filming industry affordable to everyone with smartphone.

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