Project Soul Windows Takes an Intimate Look at the Human Body and Spirit

Photographers Troy Duran and Jim Landers have embarked on an artistic project that will stagger viewers with its scope, power and intimacy. Project Soul Windows is a year-longs artistic endeavor that photographs 2017 human eyes, providing an intriguing look at the immense diversity in this common physiological feature.

Project Soul Windows also attaches a quote from each subject that offers insights into each personality and combines to form a uniquely human tapestry.

The goal of Project Soul Windows is to build bridges between people by identifying universal features of our bodies and our minds. This fascinating collection will go on display in 2017 in the form of 29 panels, each 8 feet by 5.5 feet. When exhibited, Project Soul Windows promises to be a mesmerizing show that will capture the attention of the art community as well as the general public.

In order to complete this project, Troy and Jim will require enormous photo studio time and post-production which will cost $121,573. To raise these funds, they have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for backing this important project, you can receive valuable perks like art samples, exhibit invitations, exhibit goodie bags, eye image, your eye image in the exhibit, project culmination image, marketing space or honorable mention at the exhibit.

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