Park Ave Based High Art Award winning Designer Presents NYFW 2016/17 Art Meets Fashion Event, Amid Goldman Sachs, and Harvard Alumni Consulted Technology Division launch

NEW YORK, NY – The Time Hotel, Le Grande Salon – 10 Feb, 2016 – Park Ave Based High Art Award winning Designer Presents NYFW 2016/17 Art Meets Fashion Event, Amid Goldman Sachs, and Harvard Alumni Consulted Technology Division launch.

LaBiennale 2015-2016 High Art award  winner Mialana Boutte’-DeSoleil, of Design House Nolah Elan Park Ave, (, is preparing for an unconventional Fashion Collection showing at this years Winter New York Fashion week amidst the excitement around the brands new Goldman Sachs and Womens Venture Fund approved NEStylemaze(.com) division, which centers around Retail and ecommerce game changing Software and mobile apps.

Taking place 2/12/2016 at the top end of the weeks most important showings, Nolah Elan’s and Boutte’-DeSoleils  Art Meets Fashion Presentation is called Beauty and the Box.

“The Box is the fear of stepping outside of normal Fashion Lines, but also in life, in general, we all feel boxed in under some kind of constraint or another. Gender roles, family upbringing, religion, and yes simple, Daily fashion choices try to box us into categories. What we are saying with Nolah Elan Couture’ Brille’ Black Tie Gala Evening wear,  and is that this is a place to start to break the cycle, to express yourself through the hands of our completely customizeable, hand sewn to specification, Tailored dresses-Couture. Start to break out of the box, with Artfully constructed fashion using new technology, made to your personal tastes and measurements,” the Nolah Elan CEO said at the press announcememt Monday at the Fashion as Art, Beauty and the Box venue The Time Hotel, Le Grande Salon.

Models will show the Haute Couture, heavily embellished creations, while being viewed as living dolls in a long, rectangular, box like venue. Using candles to illuminate their way into a darkened Crowd Space, in a return to more dramatic, and elegant Salon Showings of the 50s, and 60s.

After winning a groundbreaking La Biennale High Art Award from Swatch Watch International in Venice in late November, attention around Boutte’-deSoleils’ privately held  company has dramatically increased, especially after Bloomberg International Business Editors picked up the story. Abc, Cbs, Fox, and NBC affiliates nationwide have taken Mialana Boutte-DeSoleil and Nolah elan viral as far away as the Haute Couture Daily report for Paris Haute Couture Week last week, and Thai Brides Magazine of Thailand.

Just this week LdeSoleil has Bloomberg Business celebrations of Black History Month Thursday night, meetings with Crowdfunding platform 1,000 Angels Wednesday, Red Carpet for the Nation of Serbia’s Art Heart Showing and reception, as well as 2 hedge fund investor meetings. ABC and Viacom on the phone requesting tickets to be front row.

Thee myriad of attention also centers around an upwardly new economy based business and revenue model which sees has a fully developed Start Up Advisory board and Nestylemaze Software and Mobile.App in production.

LdeSoleil won the Pitch Competition  last summer at Women’s Venture Fund and Goldman Sachs Incubator. Where Women Venture Fund Capitol officers and 11 Goldman Vice Presidents , controlling Individual  assets of 300,000,000.00 or better  vetted every component of and Nestylemaze as a Fashion Design house and full on Fashions meet Technology Plat formed, International Business. Nolah Elans strong Manufacturing capacity, and onset of gamechanging  Software development is setting the stage for what could be a real retail and ecommerce gamechanger. 

With a Soft Evaluation at 10,000,000.00 dollars, and Hard numbers rising, Boutte-deSoleil is excited about her companies new Global Market positioning, having the expertise of Harvard Consulted Pitch Decks and an All-star Advisory Board of Retail and Financial veterans. Marius Solberg, of the TennisBuddy App fame, has also served an important role as  staunch early supporter of Software logistics and development of NEstylemaze and its components.

NOLAHELAN.COM‘s strategic partnerships with Slovakian Consul General, DoubleCrossvodka, Swatch Club Prive, Runwaytherealway,,, YOUNG LUXURY Marketer’s Council among others, followed by strong Nolah Elan Luxury sales traction in growing aspirational Eastern markets like Beirut, Shanghai, Lagos, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai are making the International Business community pick up and NeStylemaze’s banner.

After an intense, 1-on-1 hour-long session  focusing on market logistics, a current VP of Goldman Sachs says of LdeSoleil and, “She could really be on to something big here.”

W.D., A Pennsylvania now New York based Wharton school graduate, and formerly an Analyst with Goldman Sachs,  advised LdeSoleil to pay strong attention to Google SEO results and MKTG,  and said, “I get really excited, when, in turn,  I see people who are driven and very excited about what they are achieving and doing like Elle.”

Isla Silverstein says of L, ”Shes got a Project Magagement Bachelos of science, and is a PMI studying CEO. Elle understands that Fashion and Art take time and resources to produce. Not only is she a great Fashion Artist, but a knowledgeable business woman as well. That’s her advantage of the other new designers we wont hear of in another 6 months.”

Riding that wave of excitement ontinues for Nolah Elan and its founder LdeSoleil  as  New York Fashion Week starts on Thursday.

Nolah Elan(.com) Park ave, High Fashion Meets Art Collection Presentation.

Beauty and the Box  will take place  February 12th, 730-9pm Le Grande Salon, The Time Hotel, Manhattan.

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