Free Speech Being Prosecuted by US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

PRESCOTT, AZ – 11 Feb, 2016 – Attorney General Loretta Lynch is crossing the line of freedom in prosecuting “hate speech” against Islam when it’s the people who react violently that should be condemned for their violent acts. Government must protect the freedom to speak one’s opinion.

If we shut the door to what someone else calls “hate speech” or we require it to be “politically correct,” we begin with San Diego’s prohibiting the “Founding Fathers” and end up with its “Visual and Correspondence Style Guidelines” and a list of phrases like ‘the common man,’ ‘mankind,’ ‘manmade’ and ‘man up.’ That means the end of freedom and the beginning of a nightmare for all but the lawyers.

Habeas corpus is legal action by which detainees can seek relief from unlawful US imprisonment. It means “bring the body—show the damage.” Words do not cause damage except in the mind of religious bigots, whether they be Buddhists killing Christians in India or Muslims killing Christian in the Middle East. If Muslims want to come to America, they should accept the freedoms of our Constitution and live in peace where women have the right to speak their mind too.

Christ said, “You shall know the truth and it shall make you free.” Libraries take that as their motto, but they still buy mostly fiction books. It is sad that the minds of the young become so polluted with crime, sex or intrigue from the library or on TV that they have no interest in the tamer realities of life like doing their chores or learning such boring topics as English, math, science.

The lessons for free speech go deeper than Islam. The history of religious intolerance stems from leaders who make their living off the ignorance of their subjects. Free speech that enlightens others is condemned where the powers that be are guilty.

This nation was founded by men and women who fled the Old World at the risk of their lives on the high seas and in a wilderness where starvation or hostile indians were reality. Pioneers cherished the freedom to live their faith and be able to communicate it, and they enshrined it in the US Constitution.

This made America different than every other Catholic nation to the south and those Catholic countries that they fled in Europe where martyrdom was common under papal rule. Conservative historians have estimated 50 to 100 million Protestants died in the “Dark Ages,” but most of the information has been laundered by Jesuits buying up old history books and writing new ones.

The Bible is clear with a little help. If we understand that a woman in prophecy represents a church, the harlot riding the beast of New World Order in the 17th of Revelation should be recognized. It’s a church involved with governments and politics (“with whom the kings of the earth commit fornication”), a wealthy church (“decked with gold”) and wearing scarlet (color of cardinals), a mother church (“Mother of harlots” – they no longer protest her), drunken with the blood of saints (a persecuting church in lands where they are in control), sitting on seven hills (Google “city of 7 hills”) – these clues only fit one church.

It will soon be a crime to say such things, even though the writer hates no one, not even the pope, but the Vatican is behind the New World Order that will soon enforce the mark of Revelation 13 and it will include false worship and the plagues of God’s wrath in the following chapter. The Bible teaches a love for others that would warn them of where they are headed.

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