Humanitarian and animal welfare organization Knots for Change Challenges Canadians to Be More Generous

Based in Toronto Ontario, Canada, Knots For Change humanitarian and animal welfare organization that creates and retails trendy rope bracelets, with anchor clasps, emblazoned with a tag-word.  The tag-word on each bracelet represents a specific cause, which will be matched with a charity. Currently, the organization is working on creating partnerships with charities in Canada, to change lives for the better of those who are less fortunate, in the future Knots For Change aims to extend its mission around the world. According to the most recent data, Canada is among the most charitable countries of the world, however, it is still behind America. Americans give 4.7 percent of income to charity, Knots For Change issues challenge for Canada to do better. A study showed Americans gave $298 billion to charities in 2011.

According to 2015 World Giving Index, U.S secured the 2nd place as the most charitable country in the world and in contrast, Canada dropped down to the 4th spot. This clearly shows that Canada has to up its game to surpass, or even match U.S generosity. As a Canada-based company Knots for Change supports many charities through trendy accessories that show support for those organizations, they donate part of the sale proceeds from each rope bracelet (around 30%) to the charity the bracelet supports. As Knots For Change continues to do its part the organization is also urging The Great White North to do better. “Canada, we can do this. We can prove we are just as generous, even more so than the Americans,” said Kevin McLean, president of Knots for Change in Toronto. “We already give. We just need to push a little harder to show that we can give even more.”

The figures show that Canadians are donating 1/3rd of the total amount of America’s charitable donations. “We can do better. We should do better. We will do better,” Mr. McLean said.

By merging fashion and charity, Knots For Change has broadened their reach across demographic, geographic, and political boundaries. The company maintains a high standard of quality for its products, using the finest quality of nylon, precisely molded Lead-Free Zinc Alloy Anchor clasps available in three plated colors (Silver, Gold & Rose Gold).

“We give to the overall idea. We give proceeds to various groups that support the agenda. We support veterans, for instance, so we give to various groups that help our veterans,” he said. “We are challenging the rest of Canada to step up and give to the same level as Americans and then do better. We can do this. You can’t spell Canada without ‘can’.”


Knots For Change Inc. is a humanitarian and animal welfare organization dedicated to supporting those in need of help.

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