Marketing Grin – Websites are Under Utilised by Businesses

Many businesses are missing out on sales because of badly designed websites. A website is a business tool and done well, it should be acting as your best sales person, generating sales and sales leads for your company.

All business owners realise the benefits of having a company website however most businesses are not utilising them to maximum effect as they focus on aesthetics and give little attention towards functionality.

An e-Commerce site has a clear purpose of generating sales and has a clearly planned user journey to encourage sales. Lead generation sites however often have a confusing purpose and brochure style format with no clear user journey. Many rely on the contact us page as the only call to action and consequently are under performing.

A great website blends aesthetics and functionality together to create an effective business tool that generates leads as well as nurturing prospects helping to convert them into long-standing, loyal customers.

Jack Willis from Marketing Grin, a full service digital marketing and web design agency in Essex, explains: “Too many businesses are focused on how their website looks and forget about its purpose. Most websites are built by web development companies with no digital marketing experience and while they often look great and are easy to use, businesses and missing a massive lead generation opportunity and their business are suffering as a consequence.”

Responsive web design

Mr. Willis went on to say “To get the most from your site, there needs to be a clear purpose. For most lead generation sites, getting a user to enquire is the primary call to action and a user journey needs to be setup to encourage this. Of course most users won’t be ready to enquire however you still want to get them to enter into the buying cycle so that you can nurture the prospect and move them along the buying cycle. This is typically achieved with a secondary call to action such as signing up to a newsletter request. Most people won’t give away their contact details lightly though so you will need to provide them with an incentive – getting them to buy into your newsletter content being valuable enough to warrant their contact details.”

Once a user has entered into the buying cycle and you have their contact details, it is then up to your sales team and effective use of other digital channels, such as content and email marketing, to nurture the prospect and to get them to convert into long-standing customers.

“If you design your website with this in mind, your site will be much more effective. Then the standard web design principles apply – search friendly, good user experience, nice look and feel with appropriate branding and open graph tags etc. The effectiveness of a website is also hugely affected by its users and so you need to think about how you will direct qualified traffic to your site, blending offline and digital marketing channels together. Don’t just assume people will find you.”

The online buying cycle

Marketing Grin is a full service digital marketing agency working with both B2B and B2C companies. They focus on increasing reach, improving engagement and converting prospects into long-standing, loyal customers and achieve this using an effective blend of digital marketing channels.

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