EAT LOVE SING – an amazing, new restaurant concept in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida Launches on Indiegogo, and is also open for offers from verifiable Angel investors

Eat Love Sing, is a first of its kind, top notch entertainment dining venue created by Daniel Perez, as the new breathtaking headquarters for great karaoke, wonderful live bands along with the best in acoustic entertainment, while featuring a cool, new-aged, audience participation experience that will stun and thrill everyone.

Every hour at Eat Love Sing, six karaoke singers from their two lounges are voted in by the audience to perform at the magnificent, main restaurant for cash and prizes via their proprietary, live voting system, POSPIES, the Point of Sale, Patron Integration and Entertainment System. While not everyone loves to sing karaoke, or can play in a band, nearly everybody loves to vote for a champion, and when everyone’s involved in the fun, something marvelous happens, and there are even prizes for voter participation!

Eat Love Sing aims to take the audience on a musical journey that will thrill their senses, while blowing their minds with the greatest, fusion inspired foods an individual has ever experienced. Eat Love Sing, is planned to be a 10,000 sq ft space in the heart of sunny, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with two, exclusive karaoke and live band lounges. These lounges will accompany ELS’ wonderful main restaurant, a spectacular space inspired by the inside of Radio City Music Hall, specifically wired for audio, and the most fascinating visual effects modern lighting can produce. 

The two lounges are; “The Rat Pack Lounge”, a swanky, comfortable place for the more seasoned of musical tastes, where Franky and Elvis regularly make appearances, and “The Brat Pack Lounge,” a modern, clubby area for a more current collection of karaoke music and live entertainment done the ELS way.  And of course, the main restaurant, where state-of-the-art, LED back-lighting and superb sound unite to simply blow the audience’s minds as they enjoy dinner.

With their new, Perfect-Drink-Pouring-System, and refreshing, signature cocktail drinks served all throughout Eat Love Sing, both lounges also provide the audience with a complete selection of delicious, traditional bar foods, together with some very mouthwatering surprises.

The upscale, main restaurant touts its own, unbelievable menu, offering a succulent selection of flavors created through years of perfecting a chosen number of dishes.

With the aspiration of becoming the mother-ship of live entertainment in South Florida, Eat Love Sing, takes pride in showcasing its proprietary, POSPIES system, and it’s not just for voting either… With POSPIES, each and every guest has their own kiosk, and it’s not on your smart-phone, so your battery is nicely spared! Audiences can order food, drinks, select songs, preview songs, or even check them out first on YouTube. Oh, and there’s even that “request service”, button we’ve all been dying to have! In fact, POSPIES is actually a social networking platform where you can even download your performance from any of the stage cameras, and share them via, anything! You can chat electronically with the karaoke jockey about their song, or heck, you can message anyone in the building by picture or stage name. Yes, you can flirt, or give compliments! Just be sure to say something nice, yes, always share the love.

Eat Love Sing is a brand new concept in entertainment dining, and we look forward to your company and patronage in making this a fun reality. With good quality people, great attitudes and kind hearts, the sky is the limit. Let’s have some fun!

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