Controversial Comedy For Female Film-makers

Female writer, director and producer aim to drag Northern Ireland’s short film scene into the 21st century.

Women in the arts struggle to make their mark upon the film industry in the narrow minded North.  Writer Sarah Docherty isn’t one for conforming to small minded perspectives.  Her scripts usually outline social constraints and the need for open minded action.  Hello Boys! The latest creation delves into the life of a mid-thirties woman at odds with her body, feeling out of touch and unattractive we see the consequences of quick fix decisions in modern times.  The short film is a gamble as there are scenes of partial nudity this in itself makes the project hugely controversial in Northern Ireland.  The logline reads: When the wonder has gone out of your bra and you think the hands of a younger man can lift you up!

Enlisting the help of director Diane Jessie Miller who foresees the film as Bridesmaids meets Bridgette Jones.  Diane has a number of short films under her belt and more recently saw the launch of her first feature film One By One starring the late great Rik Mayall. 

Producer Susie Gordon has a wealth of knowledge bringing twelves years’ experience in prime-time television to the table for the BBC and Channel 4.  More recently she has produced and co-produced three short films, one of which has been successful in winning three festivals across Europe so far. 

Casting their nets wide the all-female team hope to grab the attention of local and international supporters interested in donating to their short film campaign.  Find Hello Boys with the Indiegogo link: or on Facebook by searching HelloBoys.

The project hopes to garner enough support to make the film the best quality possible while paying local cast and crew for their time and expertise. The film will be made with whatever funds are raised, the more money raised will equal a shorter post-production time scale, meaning the film would be available to view sooner. 

Please support this project all donations are gratefully appreciated!

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Media Contact
Company Name: Hello Boys
Contact Person: Sarah Docherty
Phone: 07519882983
Country: United Kingdom