Spine Specialist in NJ Dr. Sandro LaRocca Redesigns Website

Patients who are suffering from back and neck pain can get the help that they need as Dr. Sandro LaRocca of New Jersey Neck & Back Institute gives his website a major revamp.

The spine specialist in NJ, Dr. Sandro LaRocca of New Jersey Neck & Back Pain Institute is in the process of redesigning his official website found at http://njnbi.com in order to address the needs of more patients who are suffering from back and neck pain.

“To help us reach more patients in 2016, we are revamping our entire website to be easier to navigate and learn about our practice,” says Dr. Sandro LaRocca. “We’re excited at the prospect of reaching more patients in the Mercer County area once our new site is launched March or April.”

More or less, almost everyone has consulted their doctors for various health related issues. A spine specialist or doctor is a knowledgeable expert when it comes to addressing spine related issues such as back pain or neck pain. Many people suffer from this kind of pain at one point in their lives. But, your spine doctor can play a very important role when it comes to the treatment of such issues.

Dr. Sandro LaRocca is an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon who has undergone spinal surgery training during his fellowship. He has earned his board certification from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, with extensive experience and expertise in the surgical cure for disorders of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine that include herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, infection, disc replacement or arthroplasty, laminectomy, inflammatory disorders, spinal stenosis, sprains and strains and so much more.

With the redesign of his website, Dr. LaRocca hopes that more people will take advantage of the services that he has to offer and become more aware of the importance of looking after their spine. He wants everyone to realize that the occasional pain in the neck or back might actually be the effect of a more serious condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated right away with the use of the most suitable treatment methods and procedures.

To know more about the services of New Jersey Neck & Back Pain Institute and what Dr. Sandro LaRocca can do for you, you can always check out their official Twitter and Facebook pages

Visit http://njnbi.com for more information.

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