Dr. Jezic Launches www.HoustonHairTransplant.com and Offers NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Those who have hair concerns can now get the assistance that they need as Houston Hair Transplant Center is now available to cater to everyone’s needs.

Houston Hair Transplant Center takes great pride in presenting the newest technologies in the hair transplant industry that are made available today. They specialize in restoration and hair transplant procedures that are guaranteed the most minimally invasive that you can find today. This then results to a head that is full of healthy hair without any traces of scarring. The center’s minimally invasive procedures in hair transplant can provide so much more benefits as compared to the traditional techniques. On top of that, these can also help lessen the downtime and the expenses while increasing the procedure’s effectiveness through giving the patients the chance to enjoy wonderful results that are more natural looking.

http://www.houstonhairtransplant.com‘s main field of specialization is none other than the NeoGrafft Hair Transplant. This is a revolutionary brand new technique that is expected to change the whole world of hair restoration.

The hair that can be found at the back of your head is genetically programmed to not fall out as this is not being affected by the so called DHT hormone. This DHT hormone is the one that is usually associated with the cause of hair loss.

In the traditional surgery for hair restoration, cutting a graft from a particular area in the head of the patient is what takes place, and this is something that can leave behind a very significant scar. On the other hand, the NeoGraft hair transplant device has been designed to help the medical professional in overcoming the issues that are usually associated with the manual FUE and the ones involved in the traditional strip technique. In addition, this is the newest and most state of the art technique in the hair transplant industry these days. This NeoGraft technology will never leave any type of scar as this makes use of the automated follicular unit extraction or FUE method.

The NeoGraft technology that Houston Hair Transplant Offers presents a lot o benefits as compared to other methods of hair restoration. The major advantages are that this will not cause any scarring, with less complications and bleeding as compared to the usual strip method.

There will also be fewer limitations on your activities during the first several weeks. You will not feel that your scalp is too tight because of the suturing and there will also be lesser numbness in the treated area.

Houston Hair Transplant Center’s NeoGraft hair transplant device is also approved by the FDA and this has been especially developed to help the doctors with the FUE procedure for hair restoration to make it faster, simpler and much more effective than before.

Visit http://www.houstonhairtransplant.com for more information.

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