Koala Bed Sheets and Blankets Combine Unparalleled Comfort with Ease of Use

For many owners of electric and adjustable beds, it is a painful and annoying chore to fit the mattress with sheets. Many electric bed designs use a metal end piece which is so tightly positioned that it makes it virtually impossible to insert your hand to securely position the sheets. The only other option is to lift a heavy mattress is similarly impossible without assistance from others. This problem is compounded even further when trying to insert a blanket as well.

A new company, Koala Bed Sheets has developed a solution for this problem. It has created fitted sheets with a unique zipper design that attaches quickly and easily to the companion quilted blanket. Made from a highly advanced fabric—Tencel—which is sourced from sustainable eucalyptus trees, Koala Bed Sheets offer unmatched comfort as well as environmentally friendly design. Tencel is also designed to absorb 70 percent more moisture than cotton, so it provides greater cooling in summer and more warmth in winter.

The key advantage of the Koala Bed Sheets is that the fitted sheet, flat sheet and quilted blanket interlock to form one secure, elegant covering. The fitted sheet and flat sheet are sewn together, allowing you to cover your mattress in one time-saving action. Once on the mattress, the quilted blanket can be easily attached by zipping them together at the foot of the bed. There are even two integrated side pockets to hold TV and bed remotes. Koala Bed Sheets are available in Twin XL, Queen, King and Split King sizes.

Koala Bed Sheets will soon become must-have household items, but before they become available to the public, the company is offering them first through its Indiegogo campaign. Koala Bed Sheets is offering these luxurious items at steep discounts to early adopters.

To learn more about Koala Bed Sheets or to reserve yours, please visit http://bit.ly/1QrFFLb

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