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The world of crowdfunding has been growing explosively in the past few years. In 2015, the entire crowdfunding market grew to $34.4 billion, more than doubling the $16.2 billion raised in 2014. By 2025, it is estimated that this market could grow to more than $90 billion, making it exceedingly attractive to startups as well as established businesses. For many people with a compelling product, service or business concept, crowdfunding is the platform of choice to obtain financing.

While there is a growing pool of money for entrepreneurs with an exciting idea, there is also a growing amount of competition. In addition to mom-and-pop operations who hope to parlay their idea into a viable business operation, more corporate organizations are looking to crowdfunding investors as a way to finance the next phase of growth. The World Bank reports that the crowdfunding market is almost twice as large as the venture capital industry, and unlike venture capital financers, crowdfunders don’t demand a share of corporate profits.

With billions of dollars available, it is not surprising that the business community has jumped in with both feet. What is surprising, however, is the success rate of crowdfunding projects. According to Statista, almost 36.75 percent of all campaigns on the foremost crowdfunding campaign, Kickstarter, were successful!

While it is exciting that more than a third of campaigns will reach their funding goal, it is important to understand how most of these success stories were achieved. Most successful projects drew on the experience of crowdfunding experts—like those at

These professionals have years of experience helping campaigns find their target audience and secure the maximum amount of financial support using tools like:

• Widely distributed press releases that are prominently profiled on major media outlets

• Targeted outreach to social media communities

• Analytical approach to investor engagement

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