New Fantasy Series: Spiritual Prophecy Embarks on Its First Journey In Rajuna

Debut novelist, Ishan recently announced the release of his fantasy/young adult series, Spiritual Prophecy. The first installment, “Rajuna” is now available through and all good retail outlets.

The protagonist, Rajuna, is a part human part superhuman warrior who embarks on an adventurous journey of epic proportions. Attempting to solve the mysteries of his past, Rajuna discovers that his human father is caught up in a prophecy that spells possible doom for superhumans and earthlings alike. Rajuna is charged with the task of safeguarding the future of Earth and parts of Heaven, but first he must pass the tests of the gods. On his trails he’s accompanied by his teenage uncle, Sattva, an equally fierce warrior, and guardian to Rajuna.

Spiritual Prophecy combines mythical creatures, action, philosophy and drama to take readers on a journey that will not only entertain, but also expand their perspective on life, the universe, and the forces of good and evil which abound. The author has a fresh voice and his world building is topnotch. While revealing esoteric information on the universe, his depth of writing encourages an emotional investment in the lives of the two heroes, Rajuna and Sattva. Along with the magic of a life with superhumans, powerful demoniac titans and demigods moments of humor and reprieve are intertwined to give readers a sense of realism. The blending of supernatural and natural provides a delightful indulgence in a world that we quickly become immersed within.

Throughout his life, Rajuna has battled feelings of abandonment due to his father’s absence. Discovering the truth, he realizes his father’s been given a mission to fulfill on Earth. As it turns out, his father was once a warrior of Heaven who was cursed by a powerful mystic, while his father’s brother was similarly cursed, but became a titan—the exact titan that now threatens to overthrow the lower heavens and who Rajuna must destroy.

The book has already drawn praise and appreciation from early readers and critics. Assessors forecast a thriving literary career for Ishan due to his remarkable ability to take readers on a journey through his storytelling skills that are all about exercising an imagination founded on scientific knowledge, philosophy, and mythological tales.


Ishan has been described as a modern-day theological magician, transforming the lives of many. During the past twenty-five years he’s invested much of his time in serious meditation and study of the ancient scriptures of the East along-side popular science. Mixing ancient legends with his own tasteful imagination, popular science, and scriptural realizations he sets magical scenes before the minds of all. According to his words; “Knowledge is empowering and should be given to the youth in ways they can assimilate according to their inbuilt nature as optimistic dreamers.”

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