18 Year Old Entrepreneur Launches Website In Quest To Bring The Best Gaming Experience In The World

The goal for 18-year-old entrepreneur Babatola Ajayi has always been simple, he wants to make the world a “funner” place. Now where this gets somewhat complex is when he talks about his plans to achieve this goal. In short, he plans to do this by creating a new gaming platform, and for the past three years he’s worked tirelessly to launch his new website gumlie.com. Now how many 18 year olds do you hear that from? 

Gumlie is a new and interactive online gaming platform currently available worldwide via the world-wide-web. Gumlie gives its users the ability to enjoy free games online while ensuring great gaming experiences. In doing this, Gumlie has proved its worth by gaining massive traction on the internet in its first month. In just ten days, Gumlie amassed various top rankings on search engines like Google, thousands of visits and gameplays, and many active users. Gumlie’s success is credited to the simplicity of the user interface within the platform.

“They’ve gone the extra mile by making sure Gumlie very responsive, so you can play html5 games on any device,” said a new Gumlie supporter. “Since Gumlie does a great job at providing you with great games and lets you enjoy them without bogging down the system with useless features, its extremely addictive. You will spend thirty minutes to an hour playing games without even realizing it.  You may not like shooting games now, but after a few minutes on gumlie, you will,” he added.

With billions of daily web and mobile users worldwide, Gumlie wants to bring people together through the magic of games. Over the next few months Babatola is looking to increase the quality of gumlie.com, and add new products and features. Babatola also plans to add new distribution outlets for Gumlie, such as Android and iOS. To support the expansion, Babatola has been working harder to explore every channel he can to strengthen gumlies’ product line. All that can be said for now is this young man has big dreams, and to keep a lookout for Gumlie, as it just may be the next big thing to change the way people game.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gumlie
Contact Person: Babatola Ajayi
Email: gumliegames@gmail.com
Phone: 647-362-8760
Country: United States
Website: http://gumlie.com/