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12 Feb, 2016 – Your take on life will change once you happen to search the internet not just for ADHD, but a list of celebrities as famed as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to be topping them. To have discomfort exhibiting signs and symptoms of ADHD is a thing of the past for it is only a way of being human with faults for which you are not entirely responsible for. The problem arises when you choose to settle for it, in that way you are preventing yourself to become a better person.

Aided by the latest psychopharmacological treatment offered by the South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center, an array of treatment is provided to people suffering from ADHD. A buzz word since the 1970s or medical reality, take a screening test provided to learn more and seek our help when necessary at 516-295-4867.


Affecting about 4-5% of the world’s population (as per the WHO), ADHD is the second of most common disorders, it is a fact that the exact cause can only be attributed to inhibited growth of either the brain or the central nervous system. Managing ADHD with timely psychopharmacologic intervention can prevent its presence in children and adults alike.

Many do not know that they may have ADHD and it takes time and tests before being properly diagnosed. Only a Medical Board Certified Psychiatrist can diagnose ADHD.


Just like growth is varied per person, the common signs and symptoms shared as follows are exclusive to every individual. One isn’t expected to exhibit all, and with varying degrees.

1. Procrastination
2. Being Frequently Tardy
3. Poor Concentration with Monotonous or Challenging Work
4. Inability to Recapture Ones Attention Upon Interruption
5. Frequent Minor Accidents
6. Difficulty Concentrating Specifics at Professional Meetings
7. Disorganized
8. Forgetful
9. Frequent Loss of Common Personal Belongings
10. Difficulty Beginning and/or Concluding Work
11. Involvement in Several Tasks Simultaneously
12. Difficulty Managing Time
13. Impulsive, Unplanned Decisions
14. Interrupting Others

You Are Not Alone

Just so that you do not feel awkward and powerless if you exhibit one symptom too many, following is a list of familiar names managing ADHD just to give you hope to pursue treatment than shutting yourself off. This is there just to let you know if they can keep their act together, so can you.

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Actors and Directors

1. Amy Adams
2. Ann Bancroft
3. Harry Belafonte
4. George Burns
5. Jim Carey
6. Cher
7. Bill Cosby
8. Tom Cruise
9. Kirk Douglas
10. Danny Glover
11. Tracey Gold
12. Whoopi Goldberg
13. Alfred Hitchcock
14. Dustin Hoffman
15. Steve McQueen

ADHD Changes with Age

Undiagnosed at an early age can lead to varied onsets issues other than Hyperactivity and Impulsive behavior that may be difficult to improve if conscious control aided with psychopharmacological treatment can aid.

Adults with ADHD are more likely to resort to smoking or use of alcohol and an increase in risky sexual behavior is observed that likely make up for ADHD symptoms that are beyond comprehension and to exert control over.

Adults with ADHD require attention when challenges and responsibilities of sustaining careers increase making issues of managing time and stalling come into light. It is solely due to the fact that it is oft ill-diagnosed and maltreated. Few receive proper treatment for most children with ADHD acknowledge of symptoms as adults.

Untreated ADHD is an Open Door to Complexes

Regardless of the ability to multitask or fruitfully fly on the wings of passion to pursue ones interests with an endless zeal, grand passions become deep sorrows if results do not meet expectations. Low self-worth and a constant feeling of disappointment often become disrupting to relationships. Too much driving force leads to a burn out faced with constant pressures of work, society and environment. Depression is a manifestation of poorly managed or untreated ADHD and then one thing leads to other.

Managing ADHD

The psychopharmacological methods at South Shore combine treatment after prognosis is determined by Dr. Fruitman to meet exact need with exact response. We treat individuals without generalizing with special focus on specifics.

Activation of Dopamine and Norepinephrine, two chemical messengers within the brain is imperative to managing ADHD; it is the effect of pharmacological treatment that provides rapid relief. Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, Focalin, Straterra, vitamins and many other FDA approved medicines are put in use accordingly only to increase effective work output after necessary medical tests to regulate safe usage.

At South Shore, it is made sure that lasting effects of relief are met with satisfactory long term goals.

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