The Top 20 Ways to Suck as a Parent: New Book by Roger Ramsukh To Expose The Big Mistakes Parents Usually Make

The month of February will mark the launch of this new book, and website “The Fearless Parent.”

February 15, 2016 – North York, Ontario, Canada – After years of research and examination, Roger Ramsukh, an Applied Behavioral Analysis expert has written and put together a list of 20 big mistakes that parents usually make while raising their kids. The book ‘The Top 20 Ways to Suck as a Parent’ effectively outlines these mistakes along with the course of action parents can take to radically alter their parenting style, and raise their kids as confident individuals.

My aim is to teach parents how to be better parents by managing their child’s behavior so that their kids can stand on their own 2 feet. I run 1/2 day and full day courses, as well as weekend retreats where I [and numerous other speakers] will take them through exercises and scenarios to help them overcome difficult behaviors, but most importantly, develop the mindset that teaches success,” comments Roger Ramsukh, author of ‘The Top 20 Ways to Suck as a Parent.’

A long time ago a good idea about parenting got lost. This was the idea that a good parent was not their child’s friend, but an adult that cares for them. In its place rose the idea that being a good parent meant I had to be and do everything for my child. I should know all the ‘cool’ lingo, I should justify every decision I make when they don’t like it, I should not speak harshly to them or deny them things lest I ruin that ‘friendly banter’ and they go sulk in their room… the very room that I work 2 jobs to pay for.

A generation of kids are being raised that don’t know how to deal with setbacks, rejection, not making the team, getting their hearts broken or not being able to buy the latest high end purse or phone. Success Principles that allow excellence and achievement in any endeavor, be it Oil Painting or Computer Engineering are not actively promoted.

These same kids go on to abusing substances, cut shallow gashes in their arms, and say they are depressed as a way to get out of doing assignments in schools… and as a society people are failing their kids by accepting this.

In the new book ‘The Top 20 Ways to Suck as a Parent’ Roger demonstrates a fresh approach in which parents learn to address the mistakes and focus on building a connection with their kids through positive interactions and guidance. Roger even offers courses and workshops where he teaches parents how to deal with difficult behaviors, and develop the mindset that only teaches success.

I am promoting my book and new website The Fearless Parent as a way to drive awareness of my workshops and desire to speak on numerous stages,” says Roger.

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About Roger Ramsukh

Roger Ramsukh BSc. BST is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis & Crisis Intervention. He has worked extensively with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Development Delays, Mood Disorders, and other behavioral problems for over 15 years. Roger brings an eclectic approach to working with individuals that combines the best of evidence-based approaches like Applied Behavioral Analysis with respect for sensory, environmental, social and biomedical concerns and a decidedly humanistic approach that includes using mindfulness techniques to help an individual overcome their challenges. Roger Ramsukh is available for media appearances and interviews.

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