Bo Buggles Announces Launch Of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack

Face Paint An Army With Bo Buggles New Face Paint Party Pack!

Bo Buggles, the face paint manufacturer are pleased to announce the launch of their Ultimate Party Pack Face Painting Kit for Kids and say that it is the only kit you will need to paint every face at the birthday party and then have some left over for the next event! The face paint kit comprises of 8 colors plus 2 glitter powders, (silver & gold), 2 sponge applicators, a twin tip applicator and 2 brushes, one thick brush and a fine brush to get the perfect detail will paint between 50-100 faces before it runs out.

A spokesperson for the company said; “We realized that most kits just didn’t have the capacity to paint every guest at a birthday party and so we made our party pack bigger and better with 4 grams of each color. There’s nothing worse than running out half way through painting your guests and having to say sorry, that’s it!”

Face painting is all the rage these days with kids wanting to emulate everything from their favorite Disney characters, animals, or anything that is only bounded by the endless imagination that children exude, heightened even further when put in a party setting.

And, of course, this ancient ritual is nothing new. We have been painting our faces for millennia for all sorts of reasons both serious and fun. Today, however the emphasis is most definitely on the fun and face painting can be seen everywhere we turn and not just at party time. Whether its at a high school game under Friday nights lights or at a stadium event for a major league team, you won’t have to look far to see the ardent fans decked out in jersey and face paint.

This dressing in colors before a battle goes back to the times of the Vikings, who used to paint Wode, a blue dye, all over themselves to frighten their foe before battle commenced. I’m sure everyone remembers the pictures of Mel Gibson in Braveheart painted blue, and whilst a lot of the history may have been doctored in that particular movie, the face painting was definitely true!

These days it is much more about the fun. But as with anything concerning children that always means safety first. The Bo Buggles spokesperson continued:

“We should also like to highlight the safety aspects of our paints but as with applying anything to the skin, we would emphasize that parents do a check with their fellow parents just to check that the children do not suffer from allergies that may cause a skin reaction. Safety is always a priority. Our paints are all FDA approved substances and a full detail of their ingredients can be easily found on our website as well as on the packaging so parents can check and feel 100% safe when using our product.”

Bo Buggles Ultimate Face Painting Kit for Kids is launched exclusively on Amazon US. To celebrate the launch, Bo Buggles are, for a limited timed offering an introductory discount of 69% so you can try the face painting experience for only $11.95, but hurry because this offer won’t last for long!


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