Enhanced Couples Relationships? There’s an App for That!

PITTSBURGH, PA – 15 Feb, 2016 – Online games for couples abound, but now there’s an app that really makes a difference. LovePong, just released on both Android and iOS, has been proven to make a difference in the way couples communicate.

The app uses artificial intelligence techniques combined with the latest research in intimacy to structure communication exercises between two people in a romantic relationship. By guiding users through these exercises, even some of the most challenging communications can be delivered in a way that is responsible, respectful and loving.

“Our relationship was void of any real intimacy, and my lunkhead of a husband never shared his feelings with me,” said Julie S. “Then we tried [an early version of] LovePong and I was blown away by the depth of communication of this magnificent man. It turns out that I intimidate him, but when in the quiet of his own thoughts, he’s as deep as a well. Today our relationship is better than it’s ever been.”

Trial versions of LovePong have been in development for over six years, including over 4,800 hours of research at Carnegie Mellon University. A study of hundreds of users of LovePong overwhelmingly concluded that LovePong helps improve communication between partners.

LovePong is the brainchild of William Weil, a computer scientist from the University of Pittsburgh who is also a relationship coach and the author of “New Earth Relationships: A Guide for Couples for the 21st Century.”

“For about five years I stewed about how to take all this amazing knowledge I’d acquired about relationships, and deliver it in fun, bite-sized ways,” Weil said. “Then I had a breakthrough, and a year later we had the first prototype.”

LovePong is available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. LovePong Premium is available as an upgrade at LovePong.com and offers additional functionality, including a 30-week online relationship workshop.

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