Tiny Leaf Announces Amazon Launch for Their Baby Back Mirror

15 Feb, 2016 – Tiny Leaf is excited to announce the availability of their Infant Car Mirror on Amazon. The baby back mirror has got unique and exclusive features that make it safe and easy for parents to use while driving. Tiny Leaf is a well-known parent based company and they have decided to use their excellent parenting experiences to bring the best possible products for parents to use and raise their children in a comfortable way. 

Driving can be fun and at the same time risky for parents especially when there is a need for them to know what is going on with their children in the back seat. Children are precious gifts from the Creator, and there is a need to handle them meticulously while journeying. The car’s front mirror is not just good enough to help carry out this critical task as it cannot be placed well at an angle suitable for the person driving to see all that is going behind.

Since Tiny leaf is a company that has got wider experiences in parenting, all these imbroglio issues now become a past story. Their baby back mirror versatility now makes it possible for parents to see behind while handling the steering wheels. The sleek and modern design of the back baby mirror allows parents to adjust it to any desired angle so they can watch their baby{s} as they drive. 

The baby back mirror features are so unique that it will be providing maximum protection for children. Tiny Leaf baby back mirror is well known for its durability, lightweight and shatterproof acrylic mirror material. 

Tiny Leaf baby back mirror can be correctly secured to the back seat headrest since it has specially designed sturdy straps that will keep it in place even during the roughest of rides. It has a pivot head mounted so parents can turn, tilt and adjust it exactly as they want, particularly at the exact angle where they can view their baby properly.

The fascinating feature of Tiny Leaf baby back mirror is it has got two hooks attached to it which will allow parents hang their baby’s favorite toys to keep them engaged and playing all through the journey.

The Amazon launch of Tiny leaf’s baby back mirror is certainly a significant step ahead for the company. Amazon.com is currently considered to be the largest online marketplace in the world, and there is no better platform for the market expansion of a new product than Amazon. Talking about the Amazon launch, the CEO Marek Brezina expressed his high expectations about the product. “Our baby back mirror stands out compared with the best in the market. With the baby back mirror Amazon launch, we can have a robust platform from which we can reach out to thousands of people looking for a quality product,” he stated.

About Tiny Leaf:

Tiny Leaf is a parent based company dedicated to using their parenting experiences for bringing the best possible products for parents to use and raise their children comfortably. They are not only a company that sells baby back mirrors at a cool price, but they are also providing parents advice through Facebook.

For more information about Tiny Leaf, their upcoming events, parenting products, and advice, visit them online at www.tinyleafweb.comor email them at info@tinyleafweb.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Leaf-Mirror-Shatterproof-Ajdustable/dp/B017DQ3SWK

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