Urban Title Loans Offering Guaranteed One-Hour Loan Approval to Oakland Loan Applicants

While banks take their own sweet time to approve and process loan applications, some car title loan agencies really stand out in this regard. Urban Title Loans is such a small lending agency with a tall promise.

Urban Title Loans, a lending institution based out of Oakland city, recently announced that all car title loan applications reaching them would be approved within one hour from now on, provided the eligibility preconditions are perfectly fulfilled. The owners of the lending agency told the press that they do not want to keep the loan applicants waiting as they perfectly understand the situation of loan applicants.

“We can feel the frustration when we talk over the phone with many of our loan applicants. Banks have refused them, leading lending institutions have turned their applications, their credit cards have stopped working – we can understand their state of mind. However, banks have their own rules and policies to follow and we cannot blame them. What we are offering is microloans against the car titles of the loan applicants,” a loan officer said.

“With whatever amount of loan they are eligible for, they can pay their bills, make credit card payments and bring some balance in their financial situation. We are here to stop them from going broke,” added the officer.

At present, Urban Title Loans approve all loan applications that fulfil the eligibility preconditions within just one hour. When asked about this one-hour approval policy, the loan officer commented that they take the shortest time possible to approve the loans. He also indicated that they do not check credit references of the loan applicants. The loan officer even claimed that they are now offering the lowest interest among all car title loan agencies in Oakland and surrounding areas, though he could not provide any clear evidence on this claim.

The CEO of Urban Title Loans recently called a press conference at his office in 3rd Street, Oakland when he said that the agency aims to become the number one microcredit agency in the region. “Car title loans are highly popular among people who have bad credit score. We are doing nothing different. It’s just that we have reduced the average approval time. We want to be a trusted lender for Oakland residents,” he said.

About the Company

Urban Title Loans is a car title loan agency based out of Oakland, Western California.

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