Amazon Releases “Randi Glazer’s 12 Strategies for Surviving a Career in the Insurance Industry”

San Francisco, CA – February 15, 2016 – Randi Glazer’s “12 Strategies for Surviving a Career in the Insurance Industry” draws on the author’s many years of experience as an industry insider to provide readers with valuable advice and practical skills for succeeding in the complicated world of insurance. Covering everything from how to identify the ideal organization to work for to the inherent difficulty of working alongside aggressive agents and brokers, Glazer provides a number of personal and professional anecdotes that help illustrate how she was able to achieve such a great deal of success in a constantly changing industry.

As a professional who deeply understands the benefit of having a knowledgeable mentor willing to offer sage advice to those new to the field, Glazer offers her own mentorship to readers through the pages of her book. Noting how the field has changed over the years and that companies rarely offer the kind of training and mentoring she benefited from when she first began her career, Glazer offers advice on how newcomers to the industry can engage in self-directed training and find experienced professionals to offer the kind of guidance and advice she once received from her own professional mentors.

Glazer begins by discussing some of the more commonly overlooked yet widely acknowledged issues associated with office life in any industry, tackling subjects that include each of the following:

• Dealing with the conflicts created by co-workers 
• Working under an inefficient organizational structure 
• Avoiding office politics 
• Understanding the importance of being perceptive in office culture

In addition to these common issues encountered as a part of daily office life, Glazer also delves deeply into some of the more practical concerns associated with the insurance industry in particular. Devoting a chapter to a discussion of how to find the right professional niche, Glazer offers insight into how she was able to find a field that wound up bringing her a great deal of personal and professional life satisfaction. Sharing stories of how her career provided countless opportunities for traveling abroad, Glazer is the perfect example of a professional who understands that there are more important considerations to account for beyond just financial compensation.

The ideal book for anyone interested in a career in insurance as well as those already working in the industry, “Randi Glazer’s 12 Strategies for Surviving a Career in the Insurance Industry” offers the kind of advice every professional hopes to get before beginning a career in their chosen field. With specific examples and highly relevant anecdotes detailing her lengthy career as an underwriter, Glazer’s book succeeds in providing vital professional guidance to the next generation of insurance specialists.

Randi Glazer is a dedicated, knowledgeable and trusted senior insurance professional with many years of experience in underwriting, marketing and organizational leadership. She has a longestablished track record creating profitable books of business across multiple industries and product lines for admitted and non-admitted carriers.  Randi has managed large teams of staff across multiple divisions for several large and regional insurance carriers. Randi Glazer’s broker relationships span the U.S. including National Retail Brokers, Specialty Agents and National Wholesalers.  She is a Subject Matter Expert for Inland Marine insurance and has been a member of the Inland Marine Insurance Association (IMUA) since 2002 serving as a Board of Directors member from 2002 – 2007.  Randi is currently on the Board for IMUA Regional Committee in San Francisco.

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