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Highlands, TX – February 15, 2016 – For 20 years aha! Process strategies have lightened the work of front-line staff in schools and nonprofits. Now former aha! Process president Ruth Weirich brings the wealth of that expertise to the for-profit sector for businesses that aspire to raise the “triple bottom line.”

But why should you care about improving the social welfare of your low-wage, entry-level employees? They quit or get fired all the time, and there’s always someone there waiting to replace them. What you may not realize is that each departing employee takes thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, and other HR costs with them—not to mention the reduced productivity of remaining employees and supervisors. 

In the Workplace Stability economic diversity training, managers and human resources staff learn simple, low-cost ways to help employees combat instability in and out of the workplace. With strategies covering every part of the employee life cycle—from onboarding to promoting from within—Workplace Stability shares employee benefits with minimal costs.

If you hear “high costs” when someone mentions “employee benefits,” you’ll love learning how to partner with community agencies, credit unions, and other businesses to build resources that address healthcare, childcare, transportation, and short-term financial needs of struggling employees.

Book your half-day or one-day training session now, and each member of your group will receive a free ebook version of From Vision to Action Volume I. This collection of articles written by users of aha! Process concepts and strategies is brimming with stories of success that will inspire you to improve lives—and profits—today.

About Ruth K. Weirich:

Ruth K. Weirich, MBA, is an author, trainer, and management professional experienced in business operations efficiency and profitability. She is also past president of aha! Process, an education and training company founded by Ruby K. Payne.

About aha! Process:

aha! Process is an award-winning training and publishing company that works across all sectors of a community to address the root causes of poverty, support individuals as they build resources, and achieve a sustainable community where everyone can live well. They have worked with thousands of schools, employers, hospitals, colleges, first responders, judges, and community organizations, providing concrete strategies and proven tools to help under-resourced individuals thrive. This work builds on 20 years of experience strengthened by a growing body of knowledge from communities using and adapting our model. These programs help institutions and communities understand people in poverty and engage with them to build success.

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