“Welcome, Reluctant Stranger” – Author Evy Journey’s cross-cultural approach to women’s fiction

Berkeley, California – Feb 15, 2016 – “I’m happy for you, Lani, but I do worry. From what I see on television, I think Americans have trouble staying in relationships. One irritating problem and they run.”

That is an immigrant mother speaking in Welcome, Reluctant Stranger, Evy Journey’s third and last book in the series, Between Two Worlds, a family saga about negotiating separate realities.  The approach used in all three novels is both warmly familiar and bracingly new, spinning tales of love from a feminist-realist perspective and weaving love, loss, and second chances in a thinking woman’s romance series.

About the Book Series

In each book, the heroine faces and copes with issues contemporary women face. In Hello My Love (Book1), Elise tries to reconcile the often clashing demands of a satisfying career and a compelling  relationship. In Hello Agnieszka (Book2), young Agnieszka learns to balance her Polish roots with mainstream American culture.

It is in Welcome Reluctant Stranger that Journey most fully explores the internal conflicts that arise when dealing with separate realities. Leilani crosses lands and two quite different cultures at a very young age. While she easily fits into her adapted culture, she must reacquaint herself with her roots.

About Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Leilani’s mother has never set foot in her school until the day she comes to whisk her children out of their country for America, without their father and without explanation. A peaceful life follows this frantic flight until Leilani—an ace with a gun—rescues a drunk stranger from thugs. That drunk is Justin, Elise’s brother and Agnieszka’s son.

Years later, the mystery of her family’s sudden flight haunts Leilani just when, warily, she begins to open up to Justin, a computer nerd with culinary skills and a biting sense of humor.  A friend of her father arrives with shocking news that uncovers a secret long-held by her mother. The secret involves a deadly political web that will have a ring of truth for many third-world countries.

As in the first two novels, we see a heroine torn by inner conflicts, first about Justin, then about her father. Is her father a hero or a villain? Can she forgive him, accept him for what he is?

Enough praise has been heaped on this third book to make it an intriguing, worthwhile read.

Self-Publishing Review: “The author strays from overly sentimental scenes typical in most romance novels. This isn’t a gushy story… it’s realistic and quite refreshing to read a down-to-earth romance.”

GoodbooksToday.com Reviews: “Gorgeous and rich descriptions fill each page without drowning the reader in anything needless.” 

Amazon reviewer Dannie Moffitt says: “Coming from a romance expert, this was one of the sweetest love stories I’ve read in a good while. I’m not gonna lie, it is predictable in some places (as almost every love story written is), but it takes a truly talented author to incorporate personal style that can break those stereotypes and keep the reader feeding off of originality. I felt that here.”

The author, Evy Journey, is an Asian-American writer who hopes to help put the spotlight on Asian-American authors, a group that is largely unheralded (see this article: There Aren’t A Lot of You Out There).

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