New Live Streaming Services emerge in 2016 including, Twitch, Google Hangouts on Air and YouTube Live

“Blab, Twitch and YouTube Live emerge as live streaming services that remained free in 2016.”
PTZOptics is a live streaming camera manufacture and has recently released a 2016 review of the latest free live streaming services including: Blab, Twitch, VaughnLive, and YouTube Live.

Philadephia, PA – The live streaming marketing is growing extremely quickly but can the free services available today last forever? PTZOptics released a new live stream episode 2/12/2016 on “Free Live Streaming Services” available on YouTube to review the state of the live streaming market.

The review highlights rising stars in the live streaming industry along with various players who have been bought out, consolidated or left the market. Many of the live streaming services that were once free have closed up show due to lack of financial profitability. Blab, Twitch Google Hangouts on Air and YouTube Live still stand strong on the promise to keep live streaming free!

“Searching for a free live streaming service can a little tricky because all of the content available is dated!” noted Paul Richards Dir of Business Development at PTZOptics. “But we were able to come back with 6 live streaming services that are completely free.” It seems like all the top google search results for “free live streaming services” were written before YouTube Live was released. Now that YouTube Live is available (with Google Hangouts as an option) it has become the defacto multi-purpose live streaming service in the industry.

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But for this review we look at LiveBeats (Best for Musicians), Vaughnlive.TV, Vokle, Twitch (Best for Gamers) and YouTube Live / Google Hangouts on Air. It seems like the smaller free live streaming services continually shut down and another one will pop up. This is probably because live streaming services have hard costs that are not made up for in ad revenue. Not everyone can make up for the hard costs like YouTube Live which is our preferred live streaming service.

This review includes:, YouTube Live, Google Hangouts on Air, Twitch, LiveBeats and more…

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