Intelligent Voice Control and Personal Virtual Assistance – Voice Solutions by SemVox at CeBIT 2016

The most intelligent, most powerful and most user-friendly technology for voice control solutions and virtual assistants comes from SemVox. With ODP S3, users and integrators of voice control and assistant systems are ahead of the game from the start.

15 Feb, 2016 – As the leading technology and solutions provider for voice-based assistance and control systems, SemVox will be exhibiting at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany, also in 2016. We will show the broad range of applications and how ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform) enables the design of the most powerful and most intelligent speech dialog solutions and proactive assistant systems available today. From March 14 – 18, 2016, you will have the opportunity to convince yourself of the performance of our innovative and efficient technology in the fields of Industry (4.0), robotics, automotive, smart homes, medical technologies and mobile applications.

Using methods from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ODP S3 delivers the best results, no matter if embedded, hybrid or cloud-based, no matter the target OS, no matter how many in-/output modalities or applications are to be integrated.

With the ODP Workbench and the integrated Software Development Kit, SemVox customers are able to autonomously develop their very own next-generation voice dialog systems based on ODP S3. Such systems can be easily integrated into existing products and applications. With its intelligent tool chain, the ODP Workbench facilitates the whole development process from system specification and the creation of application-specific knowledge sources, conducting automated tests right to the integration on the target platform. The SemVox Developer Portal accompanies the whole development process with an extensive online documentation that offers centralized access to tutorials, examples and API documentations.

Using ODP S3 and the ODP Workbench, our customers and their products benefit from three central competitive advantages:

1. Efficiency: ODP S3 reduces the time required for development and implementation of a dialog system by up to 40% as compared to other technologies on the market.

2. Flexibility: thanks to the principle “write once – run anywhere”, solutions developed with the ODP Workbench can be deployed on various target platforms, e.g., Windows, Linux, Android, iOS und QNX.

3. Performance: ODP S3-based solutions offer users unprecedented freedom in human-machine interaction, intuitive control options and robustness regarding spontaneous natural language input.

OPD Workbench: reduced time-to-market, reduced costs, significantly better results.

Convince yourself of the power of ODP S3 and the ODP Workbench and arrange an appointment with us. Just write an email to Mrs. Sarah Ziegler ( or call +49 681/99 19 19 80. You can find the SemVox stand in Hall 11 (Scale11), D33(21).

We’re looking forward to your visit!

SemVox | The Company

SemVox uses the latest AI technologies to create novel types of assistance systems and innovative voice and gesture control solutions. SemVox was founded in 2008 and has since been dedicated to making information come alive by developing intuitive, efficient and intelligent control options. Whether speech input, gesture or touchscreen control, or even a combination of several input modes – SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose. Human-machine interaction has never been easier!

The basis of this intelligent technology is ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform), developed by SemVox. SemVox solutions are employed in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, smart home, home entertainment, mobile solutions, industry 4.0 and medical technology. ODP S3 enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures.

SemVox solutions and technologies can be integrated easily on end devices (embedded) or run in a cloud, making them deployable on all platforms. With more than 100 years of combined experience, SemVox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovations.

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