Chris Ley Proves that Almost Anything is Achievable in His “The One Challenge”

For years, Chris Ley has improved the lives of clients through motivational speeches, workshops and one-on-one personal coaching, but he would like to demonstrate to the world, that is possible to overcome self-imposed limitations with determination and optimism. He intends to prove that almost anything is possible through his “The One Challenge” which is actually 11 Herculean tasks that he will complete within just 111 days. Chris is the current world record holder for fastest stand up paddler of the entire Rhine river.

In the course of completing “The One Challenge”, Chris will accomplish tasks that include:

• Climbing Mt. Everest

• Learning a new language

• Completing the 250 kilometer Gobi March ultra-marathon

• Transport 11 tons of grain in just 11 hours

• Do a good deed each of the 111 days

This may appear almost impossible, but Chris Ley is supremely confident that he can achieve them with the proper attitude, expert advice and emotional support. Once “The One Challenge” is initiated, he will broadcast his daily accomplishments to his TOC online community in the form of challenge videos, success diary, interviews and tutorials. Chris would like to inspire his supporters to donate one million Euros to various charities.

In addition to online outreach, Chris has also compiled his initial thoughts and preparation into “The One Challenge” book. This book will surely change and improve the lives of readers everywhere. Included is his proprietary “Life Challenge Method” which he has developed to make immediate and lasting changes of his students.

Chris would like to invite you to help support him in his “The One Challenge”. He has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. In return for your generous support, you can get perks like “The One Challenge” book, 12 months of VIP access to the TOC community, access to the private Facebook community, “Coaching with Chris” book, personal coaching sessions, autographed YouTube video pack, or tickets to “The One Challenge”.

To learn more about “The One Challenge” or to make a donation, please visit

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