New Book, “How to Get Her Back,” Helps Reunite Separated Couples

Knoxville, Tenn. – Author Eryk Keith today announced the release of his new book, “How To Get Her Back: Winning Back The Love Of Your Life.” As a well-known relationship expert, Keith has put together a step-by-step method for reuniting estranged couples, regardless of the history and particulars surrounding the couple’s initial breakup.

“How To Get Her Back…” explains what an ex is thinking, what brought her/him to the point of the breakup, and how to repair past damages in order to move on. There is in-depth information regarding how a partner is feeling, what thoughts are their heads, and how to fix mistakes so they never happen again, especially if these mistakes continue to make a bad situation worse.

Reviews of the book are pouring in, telling stories of couples reuniting. “We had been fighting about the same things for so long,” one reviewer stated. “It was difficult to step back, but your book helped me understand what was really important. I was able to put aside what I was doing to push my ex away. We slowly began to communicate and now we are back together, and not fighting about stupid things. Life is too short.”

Regardless of the reasons the breakup occurred, lying, infidelity, family issues or lifestyle, the information in this book can do so much to resurrect a relationship that seemed hopeless. Deep down, we love our partners. To get past the negativity and kindle that love means everything.

The insight and methods in this book are exclusive and not published elsewhere. It is recommended to get these suggestions as early as possible, because the longer one waits, the harder it is to resolve breakup issues.

“How To Get Her Back: Winning Back The Love Of Your Life” is published by BlackStorm Publishing. The book’s website is There is a choice of buying the book in an instant e-book format, or to ship a printed copy.

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