Dog Days Pool Service Advises About Preparing the Pool in the Winter Months in Clearwater

During the winter months, you have to understand that you are going to technically close your swimming pool for several months.
Unless you plan on swimming in the middle of the winter, preparing your swimming pool for its season-long reprieve should not really be that tedious.

After all, it is as simple as covering your swimming pool with an appropriate waterproof and sturdy material to guard against snow, right? Well, if you think that way, then you are in for a surprise.

You have to understand that you are going to technically close your swimming pool for several months. If the swimming pool water is not adequately prepared, then you might as well open a pool that is not only reeking with God-knows-what but is also useless, in a way. It is a well-established fact that swimming pool water can be very nasty when temperatures fall during the winter season. As such, it is important to adjust the water’s pH to its extended range of about 7.2 to 7.8.

The very first step is for you to clean your swimming pool by removing any floating debris on the water. Now is also the best time to use a dedicated pool vacuum to remove any dirt that may be present in your swimming pool. You also have to clean your pool’s skimmer as well as pump basket. Finish it off by cleaning the swimming pool tiles with the appropriate tile cleaning solution.

Once you have cleaned your swimming pool, refill it and make sure to balance its chemistry. Make sure to test the water and make the necessary adjustments to achieve a pH between 7.2 and 7.8, an alkalinity of about 80 to 120 ppm, and calcium or water hardness that is anywhere between 180 and 220 ppm. Calcium hardness can be adjusted according to package directions. Make sure to shock your swimming pool’s water with an extra-strong chlorine solution or any other non-chlorine substitute in order to kill bacteria, algae, and fungi that may be present or living in your pool. Before adding your winter pool chemicals, wait for a couple of days for the chlorine levels of your swimming pool to around 1 to 3 ppm. Once this is achieved, then you can add your winterizing solution.

Make sure to backwash or clean your filter and pump. Additionally, hire the services of a professional swimming pool cleaning company in Clearwater to blow out your lines. This is to make sure that everything is thoroughly dried before winter sets in. You don’t want your lines to crack in winter. Then you can put on the cover.

If this sounds quite complex to you, you can always hire the services of a professional Clearwater pool company. At the very least, you will be assured that your swimming pool is more than ready for the winter.


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