Alternative Rap Artist Ryan Daley Releases New Album “WINTER”

WASHINGTON – Ryan Daley, an up and coming alternative rap artist, announced today that he is releasing his new album, “WINTER.” WINTER deals with themes of love and heartbreak, topics that Daley reflects on in the context of a relationship he is in, as well as the divorce of his parents a decade ago. Daley’s music also touches on ideas of dreams and striving for independence and success.

“I am using the negative energy from these life events and attempting to turn them into something positive,” said Daley.  “Often, the best art comes from the worst pain.”

A self-described “weird but cool kid that came from a broken home,” the 21-year-old Daley is using his music to make a mark on the world by sharing his story.  WINTER explores Daley’s struggle between his family’s urging him to attend college and his own dreams of bringing his artistic ideas to life. “The two are not mutually exclusive, of course,” Daley added. “But, it can be stressful to keep it all in balance. I think a lot of young people will be able to relate to that struggle.” Daley has many creative projects in the works, including works in design, film, music, tech and writing. 

Daley’s tracks feature slow beats and mournful sounds. His lyrics come from the heart, for instance expressing his frustration with the structure of school: “This is my fourth year in college/goddamn/trying to make it out…”  His website,, features Daley being interviewed on his artistic pursuits and vision.  “Who is Ryan Daley?” he asks himself? “I don’t know,” he responds.  But, the interview, as well as the new album, WINTER, does answer the question.

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