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The Why Athens travel guide and magazine gets visitors closer to the action and gives discerning travellers the inside track on the very best Athens has to offer.

Athens, Greece – February 16, 2016 – Athens has become a vibrant and dynamic cultural hub making it one of the hottest emerging cities in Europe, despite the overhang of a serious economic recession. Why Athens goes beyond ancient ruins and attractions to provide a carefully researched and curated online travel guide and magazine that is ideal for discerning travellers and lovers of good food, wine and experiences.

The Why Athens travel guide and magazine

Why Athens provides access and expert knowledge for astute travellers to get to the heart and soul of Athens quickly and easily. With tried and tested travel advice, Why Athens is focused on saving visitors time in planning and experiencing Athens. The online travel guide allows users to create a personalized favourites list that can be saved on a mobile device or printed.  Addresses, map points and telephone numbers are saved to a personal list for easy access, overcoming expensive data roaming costs whilst travelling.

Things to do in Athens

There are endless possibilities and things to do in Athens to suit a wide range of interests. As always, it comes down to that precious commodity called time. If visiting for the first time, major Athens attractions such as the Acropolis is an absolute must but there are also some not so obvious options that can really expand a traveller’s experience of this great city. From photography, food and wine tours, to sailing along the Athens Riviera, Why Athens gives the low down on the best things to do in Athens.

Where to stay in Athens

Visitors will be spoilt for choice with more than seven hotel openings in the last 12 months. Small to medium sized boutique hotels are a specialty in Athens offering personalized service and a consistently high standard.  Bigger hotel groups such as the Hilton and Starwood brands are also available.  Why Athens provides valuable inside information on where to stay in Athens, that can’t be found on booking search engines.

Where to eat in Athens

Despite the economic crisis, Athenians are going out to restaurants in record numbers. Authentic Greek food in Athens is very affordable and delicious. As with most cities around the world, Athens has its fair share of over priced tourist traps. Why Athens is dedicated to providing tried and tested advice on where to eat in Athens. If it’s not the best, it won’t be found on Why Athens.

About Why Athens

Why Athens is an independent online travel guide and magazine that focuses solely on the city of Athens and the Attica region in Greece. Established in 2015, our team has over 20 years of practical and local travel experience to provide travellers with everything they need to know to make their visit the best it can be.

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