Church says “Adios” to Sermons and Meets like a Support Group

Does the 21st Century need an alternative to church as usual? Is there a lost word missing from English language Bibles?

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – In this age of shrinking churches when millions are leaving organized religion and calling themselves Dones, a church in Nashville has thrown away the mold (and the traditional sermon). Are they crazy? Or ground breaking? A new book, Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible – Ekklesia by Steve Simms, answers those questions.

For eight years, The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship Center, led by Sergeants Steve and Ernie Simms, has been meeting on Sunday mornings without an agenda, a formal sermon, or a program. Bob Smietana of The Tennessean, writes: “There’s no pulpit at Berry Street. On Sunday mornings, the services seem more like a support group meeting than an ordinary church service. There’s no sermon.”

The concept of Berry Street is based on the Greek word ekklesia which was mistranslated as church in English language Bibles. An ekklesia was the city council in ancient Greek city-states, not a place of religious worship.

In Beyond Church Steve Simms shares a biblical alternative to traditional church. Steve writes: “Five hundred years ago people protested against, and then changed the common way of doing church. Shall we change it again in the 21st Century?”

Steve shares steps to go beyond church and into ekklesia. He shows where ekklesia has occurred in history and explains the benefits of ekklesia. Steve also shares how the word was lost from the Bible and he presents his own 95 Theses giving practical guidelines for those who want to begin to experience ekklesia with others.

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The Salvation Army Berry Street is located at 225 Berry St., Nashville, TN 37207.

Come join us Sunday mornings @ 10:45am

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