James Kippax Sharing Small and Mid-Size Business Growth Hacks through Newsletter Service

James Kippax was just another ordinary Brit, hit hard by the great recession of 2007. Primarily specializing in web designing and development, James later learn the basics of web marketing the hard way.

James Kippax and his family were hardly making ends meet when the recession of 2007 hit the UK and the whole of Europe. A self-starter himself, James started his web development and designing business. Cut to 2016, James Kippax is now offering SME online marketing growth hacks through his newsletter. James now often stresses on picking up the right niche as he feels that getting a head start in an overly competitive market is like shooting oneself in the foot.

“I and my wife started selling miniature pet pigs to keep the home fire burning back in 2007. However, we soon realized that we did make some costly mistakes that were irreversible. Based on my own life experiences, I started learning SEO and digital marketing and today I am here; helping small and mid-sized with unconventional marketing and promotion strategies. My formula is not based on analyzing sales data, or spending a lot on sales. It’s about picking up the right niche at the right time,” said James at an SME summit here in Lancashire.

James Kippax now offers web design, copywriting and SEO services to small and mid-sized businesses in Lancashire, Burnley and in North-West England. He also offers email marketing and PPC campaign management services to SMEs in the area. According to James, the secret of SME success lies in choosing the right market, checking competition level on the market and starting digital marketing right from the inception of a business, sometimes even before a business is incorporated. He told the press that SME success these days is determined in a big way by how well entrepreneurs use web-based technologies.

“If somebody is starting on a new venture and he considers having a website as his least priority, he is living in the Stone Age,” said James. “When we started our micro pigs business, we had our website up and running because I am into web designing, but we neglected web marketing, which is another mistake today’s entrepreneurs cannot afford to commit,” he added.

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James Kippax is a web design and SEO copywriter from Burnley, Lancashire.

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