Rand Paul Donor Still Remains Supportive After the Campaign Ends

NORTHFIELD, IL – 16 Feb, 2016 – Despite Sen. Rand Paul withdrawing from the Presidential race, Brian Pigott, owner of One Way Solutions, LLC, a plastic pallets distributor, is still proud to have been a supporter of the Senator’s Presidential campaign.

“Ever since I met Senator Paul at Ditka’s Restaurant in Chicago, I knew there was something special about him,” says Pigott. “America has needed a Liberty candidate to stand up and be competitive in a run for President for many years. I felt like Rand was this guy after our initial meeting. It is just a shame he couldn’t have gone farther in this race.”

This last minute meeting at Ditka’s turned into Brian and his wife, Sandy, hosting a fundraiser in their home on January 29th for Senator Paul’s Presidential campaign.

Pigott says, “I felt really bad for not being able to attend the Milwaukee debate, which he invited us to and to another event we were invited to attend. So, we decided to hold a fundraiser for him to show our support and to re-enforce our commitment to his platform.”

Senator Paul and his wife, Kelley, were in attendance at the fundraiser. However, it was Brian’s 9-year old daughter, Sydney, that stole the show with her opening prayer. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $20,000 but Brian and Sandy, with co-host Grace Austin, were able to raise $32,000 for Rand’s campaign.

“We felt like this was quite an achievement. While it may not have been enough to convince the Senator to stay in the raise, it at least shows that there is still a strong base of support for a candidate that supports liberty, limited government, and restraint on our domestic spying programs.”

To learn more about Brian Pigott, please visit http://www.oneway-solutions.com

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