Ibraheem Toy House Launched To Help Children Learn Positive Messages Through Islam

When children learn things at a young age it can set them on the right or wrong path. Child experts say that a person’s future it already mapped out from childhood through what they learn and that is why positive teachings should be given to a child. The Ibraheem Toy House aims to do that and intends to become the Toys R Us of the Muslim community.

A new toy store has been launched to provide young Muslim children with positive teaching while at the same time having fun. The online toy store does not only sell quality products at affordable prices, but it also provides parents with important instruments to help their children learn important social religious messages.

Ibraheem Toy House (www.ibraheemtoyhouse.com) was set up so the Muslim community can help their children learn more about their religion. The online store, which sells a whole range of products including educational Islamic toys and books, wants to provide children with a fun way to learn about positive religion. It provides children with a way to learn about religion and social community without realising they are being taught educational lessons. Child experts have said that children learn best when they are having fun, and that is the aim of Ibraheem Toy House.

Nazia Nasreen, the founder of Ibraheem Toy House, said: “I strongly believe if the right products and tools are provided from a young age our children can learn the correct values and teachings of Islam at an early age.”

The founder of Ibraheem Toy House explained how she felt nervous and conscious about her religion around non-Muslims when she was growing up. This nervousness continued to grow as Islamophobia increased. She feels if she had the toys to help her learn when she was a child, then she would have felt more positive about her religion and her identity.

She said: “I really hope Ibraheem Toy House helps children become more confident about their identity, personality and religion.”

Ibraheem Toy House has already received positive reviews from parents in the way their toys help them teach their children about religion and about how to be confident about their identity.

To learn more about Ibraheem Toy House and the quality toys they have available, please visit www.ibraheemtoyhouse.com

About Ibraheem Toy House

Ibraheem Toy House is a family business, which started on the kitchen table in 2014 with four products and two suppliers.  Since than they have over 98 different products and 25 suppliers from around the world.

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