Find Your Zen with Zen Bean Coffee: The Coffee Brand to Enjoy Every Moment

MIDDLETOWN, DE – 17 Feb, 2016 – Newly launched on Amazon, Zen Bean Coffee is a whole bean coffee medium roast brew that’s dedicated to those who want to live life to the fullest by enjoying every moment.

If you’re one who rolls out of bed and starts your day off right with some coffee alongside your morning yoga, set your Zen Bean a-brewin’ and breathe in the rich aroma of this 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee. Imagine: As the Zen Bean Coffee signature brew fills the air while you stretch, all your body begins to relax. Your stress melts away. From the top of your head to your shoulders; your arms down to your fingertips. Your chest, your core, down your thighs, calves and to your toes. Sweat it out and breathe in the scent in the sunrise, then sit down to a warm cup of Zen Bean Coffee.

Zen Bean Coffee is not a product; it’s an experience. This whole bean coffee medium roast goes hand-in-hand with practicing meditation and mindfulness, the perfect smooth texture and scent to transport you to an enlightened state of mind. Make Zen Bean part of your morning ritual. Fill your cup. Take a deep breath in. Hold your breath, feel it in your lungs. Then breathe it out again. Zen Bean Coffee will allow your spirit to awaken.

Zen Bean Coffee is organic and fair trade, aligning the company culture with the Zen ideologies of justice and purification of the body. Not only can you rest assured that you aren’t polluting your vessel with artificial chemicals, but as a fair trade product, you’re also supporting producers in developing countries by promoting improved trading conditions and sustainability. 

You can buy this whole bean coffee medium roast on Amazon.

Observe your breath, observe your mind, and become a student of enlightenment. Find your Zen with Zen Bean Coffee. Your mind will be clearer than ever alongside an awakening cup of this fresh-roasted specialty grade brew. 

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