Small Atlanta Roofing Contractors Business Decides to Compete with Big Corporations Using Education

While Big Businesses are Buying Ads, this Company is Teaching

Atlanta, GA Affordable Atlanta Roofing Contractors, a construction company based out of Atlanta and serving the greater Atlanta area, have decided to compete with big corporations using education rather than pure advertising. The company will be creating content that they will then be giving away to people who visit their websites that are looking for roofing solutions. This strategy has grown popular, and the trend for this style of content marketing has been on the rise drastically since the start of 2016.

“We can do a better job, it’s that simple,” said Biff Tamale, the company president and CEO. “We are just a family business, with family values. We are not some huge corporation that is faceless and cold. That being said, we don’t have the same kind of marketing budget as those guys do. So we are going to take a little different route, one that I personally think is better. Instead of just putting an ad on the radio, we are going treat each of our clients to an entire tutorial on how to best take care of their roofs so they do not end up spending huge amounts of money fixing something that could’ve been prevented. We are family owned and we are the premiere company when it comes to affordable roof repair in Atlanta.”

The company has since gone on to relaunch their website underneath a new web design that will convert traffic into fans and readers of their content. Many construction businesses are jumping on the opportunity to put fresh, appealing content in front of their customers and prospective customers as so few people understand the intricacies of roofing and how to best maintain one. This kind of content marketing has been very successful, and the company wants to extend their content marketing campaign to position themselves as the go to commercial roofing solution in Atlanta as well as the residential roofing solution for the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

In order for the Atlanta Roofing Contractors to succeed though, they will first need to create all of their content and then launch that content in various forms of marketing. Often companies will use social media platforms like twitter and facebook to capture people’s attention in the hopes that their content will go somewhat viral. For a smaller business, this strategy works perfectly because once the content is being shared it will start reaping a nice return on investment without any need to continually reinvest into more advertising like bigger corporations have to with radio and TV ads.

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About The Atlanta Roofing Contractors

The Atlanta Roofing Contractors have been in the roofing business for over half a decade, operating in and throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Their specialty is with roof repairs. The company is owned and led by roofing veteran Biff Tamale who oversees every project and operation that the small business undertakes.

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