Author Launches Novel Via Instagram Called God Death Start

A new book has been launched via Instagram by Steven Rouk. This is only the second time an author has released a book via Instagram and the first that has released images of the book. The author has brought the publishing world into the modern world by using a popular social media platform to allow readers to have access to book without purchasing it or downloading it.

An author has turned to social media to launch their new book. This is only the second time an author has embraced a social media platform to tell a story. The author, Steven Rouk decided to release his book titled God Death Start via Instagram to reach a wider audience.

The new novel, God Death Start, is in the words of the author about ‘A vivid hallucination-inspired fury of words detailing various aspects of existence and non-existence as seen through the mental lens of a 20-something-year-old. Part memoir, part thought experiment. Full of puzzles & one prize.’

God Death Start, which is part story and part memoir, has caused great excitement. The author came up with the idea after a dream he had, and now it has become reality and has been called one of the most exciting books of 2016. It follows Thomas Sherman, a world-renowned chess player, who dies at 8:01 AM on December 3rd. One minute later, at 8:02 AM, Thomas is sitting in a room with God and a chess board. People may feel it is far-fetched but not so according to the author who says he has almost been there.

When a person dies everyone wonders what happens when they reach the other side. Do they meet old friends and family, do they get to meet God, or are they sent back down to earth? These are questions that many people would like to have answered. Other questions that the book looks at is, what is it like to die, and what does God think when he looks at the world he has created? These are very important questions, which could be answered within the book.

The story, which is like no other has some puzzles which many readers may not know they are a puzzle. However, one of the puzzles has a monetary reward for the first person who can figure it out. This has not been done before, showing the author continues to take the way people read books to the next level. The book will soon be available as a physical copy, and anyone wishing to be the first to have a copy can contact the author through their Instagram account (

Features of the book:

• How could the “Messiah story” have gone differently? (i.e., the story of Jesus.) What kinds of Messiahs could have existed?

• Written letters to me in the past, and a dead friend.

• A message about the incredible kindness of humanity.

• Stories of my time as a traveling musician on the road.

• Vivid accounts of my most potent dreams I’ve had.

The authors said the book is darkly comedic, meaningful, and occasionally audacious. The book aims to give people insight and solace as well as direction for living life well.

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About God Death Start

God Death Start is a book that has been written to give people insight as well as inspiration. It is only the second novel to be published via Instagram.

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