Airpool, one of the electrostatic air purification technology leaders in the world

Owing to people’s awareness and attention of the indoor air pollution, the air purifier, as the main equipment in removing the air pollution, has been becoming more and more popular. At present, there are some household air purifier in the market that are usually used in family and small space, such as Honeywell, PHILIPS, Electrolux, GermGuardia; meanwhile, there are some commercial air purifier that are mainly used in hotel, hospital, office building, school, etc., such as RGF, Heathway, Airpool, TRION, etc. Among which, Airpool, from Dallas, Texas, has been developing rapidly in recent years, Airpool is an air purifier company whose core technology is electrostatic technology. The company continuously makes innovations in the electrostatic technology field, becoming one of the leaders in the industry.

The headquarter of Airpool Commercial Purifier INC is based in Dallas, Texas, a supplier who offers solutions for the indoor air quality of commercial buildings.

With nearly twenty years experience in producing commercial air purification, the company produces the commercial air purification products based on electrostatic adsorption technology. Airpool has nearly 100 patented purification technologies, it also continuously makes innovations in the electrostatic adsorption technologies. Thus, it is the leader of the world’s third-generation electrostatic purification technologies. The purification products of Airpool can remove the inhalable particles, kill the bacteria and viruses in the air efficiently. In addition, the company is an industry leader in removing the PM2.5 efficiently.

Airpool produces professional air purifier, instead of the typical household one. The products can be applied in various commercial buildings, and completely improve air quality. The markets of the company include North America, Europe and Japan, in addition, the company has a great many of well-known projects and cases. At present, the company has already set up the Asia-Pacific R&D center and production base in Shanghai.

Founder: Kevin Couple and partner Garry Sexton

Airpool was first founded by Doctor Kevin Couple. The founder Mr. Kevin is an electronic engineering doctor of Ohio State University, he is the authority of electrostatic precipitation technology. His team concentrates on the design and manufacture of electrostatic high voltage power supply, among which, ATXTM Close Loop Power (ATXTM-CLP) closed-loop high-voltage technique is world leading.

Airpool mainly provides dust collector high voltage power supply for the thermal power plants and industries. The CLP closed-loop electrostatic high-voltage technique invented by Mr. Kevin changes the traditionally inefficient dust collection technologies, which greatly improves the dust collection efficiency of American thermal power plant. It combines the electrostatic technology with building HVAC technology, provides professional air purification products, and completely solve the issue of commercial purification.

The Commercial CLP high-voltage technology invented by Airpool is applied in the purification of commercial field, which greatly increases the purification efficiency of commercial space. The electrostatic technology can purify the air with high efficiency and low wind resistance. The company collectively builds air conditioner and ventilation system, designs and produces professional and high-quality air purifier that can adapt to different architectures and HVAC products.

• Efficiently filter PM2.5, possess industry-leading efficiency, the electrostatic purification technology of H-ESP Airpool can remove more than 99% PM2.5 and PM10 in one-time, filter 0.001 micron inhalable particles. While the traditional air purifier only can filter the particles bigger than 0.3 micron. The Airpool can basically purify the inhalable particle, the dust, pollen and virus smaller than the cell, completely protecting the respiratory system of the human, reducing the risk of suffering from diseases. 

• Completely kill the bacteria and viruses without secondary pollution, the H-ESP of Airpool can generate special ion electric field. It can break the cytomembrane of the bacteria and viruses instantly, kill the bacteria, virus and pollen completely. In addition, it can also prevent the diseases that spread through air. While the traditional air purifier can intercept the bacteria and viruses in the air, but it cannot kill them. What’s more, the bacteria and viruses will breed and reproduce on the filter, causing the secondary pollution.

• Release anion, refresh the air. The H-ESP of Airpool can release a great deal of anion, generate massive clean air, and refresh the air, which includes releasing low concentration of ozone ion, and disinfecting the air thoroughly.

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