Chicago Roofing Contractors Company Announces New Marketing Push

Chicago Roofing Guys Say Content Strategy Will Allow for Growth

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Roofing Guys, one of many affordable Chicago roofing contractors in the area, has announced a new marketing push.  The Chicago based company says the new marketing push will allow them to expand beyond their current clientele and into new demographics within the greater Chicago area. The marketing push will be taking advantage of the advent of content marketing, a practice many companies are now embracing in 2016 as being the most cost effective and evergreen strategy when it comes to acquiring new customers and clientele in their local markets.

“Competition is fierce,” said Chad Phatterson, the owner and founder of Chicago Roofing Guys. “As more people go more digital, it is important we move along with that trend as well. We are absolutely the most affordable roof repair service in all of Chicago. The point of our marketing campaign is to make sure that people remember and hear that message. While other companies are cashing checks and laughing to the bank, our company is providing a premium service at a discount rate. We care for our customers and I think our new content marketing approach is really going to show that.”

The Chicago Roofing Guys has been offering commercial roofing solutions in Chicago for over half a decade in the greater area. As competition becomes more fierce and more roofing construction companies find less value in traditional media and advertising, companies are switching to using more digital strategies.

The content marketing push that Chad Phatterson is looking to leverage for The Chicago Roofing Guys will consist of varied formats of digital media. Primarily by producing high value and highly shareable content on their home website. These will range from a swathe of informational articles and blog posts, to how to guides and roofing statistics. Along with articles, the company will likely produce blog posts and possibly even videos to be disseminated to the various video hosting platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

The goal of any well-orchestrated content marketing strategy is to create so much value in a single niche to a single target audience that the content maker becomes the unquestionable and sought after authority in that niche by that target audience. This is exactly what the Chicago Roofing Guys hope to achieve with their new marketing plan launch.

You can learn more about the Chicago Roofing Guys and their services at their website

About Chicago Roofing Guys

The Chicago Roofing Guys is a roofing installation and repair contracting firm founded by Chad Phatterson. The company has been operating within the greater Chicago area for over five years now, providing high quality roofing services at an affordable rate. If you wish to learn more about the Chicago Roofing Guys, Chad Phatterson and the history of the roofing contractor firm, you can visit the company’s About page by following this link:

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