San Francisco Roofing Contractors Relaunch Their Business Focusing on Roof and Window Replacement Specialties

The Company Says They Have Narrowed Their Focus to Better Serve Their Target Market

San Francisco, California – San Francisco Roofing Contractors, an affordable roof repair company based out of San Francisco, has announced they are rebranding their company by offering their specialized commercial roofing solutions in San Francisco and window replacement service. This comes after the company began as a full service contracting company back in 2000.

“Most companies go wide, but we decided to go deep,” Said Sarah Stevens, the founder and owner of the San Francisco Roofing Contractors. “We started off way back in 2000 as a full services company. We did everything. Over time we have noticed that our best customers always fall in line with what we know best, which are roofs and windows. That is why we have decided to rebrand our contracting firm to better fit our vision of becoming the #1 roofing and window replacement contractors in the greater San Francisco area. Hopefully, we will expand beyond the city and into the general Bay Area as well with our new marketing campaign.”

This decision comes after being in business for sixteen years, almost two full decades of contracting services in the state of California. As competition has risen in the area, the company sought the need to stand out from other residential and commercial contracting firms. Instead of focusing on anything construction related, the company has decided to explore a return to their roots.

The change of services also comes with a new marketing plan that will utilize and leverage digital marketing solutions to best reach their target market. They believe by focusing their marketing efforts and dollars on two high in demand services, they will be able to gain more market share for their company and create a far more lucrative business from this focus. Along with this focus bringing in higher profits, the company owner Sarah Stevens believes it will also serve their customers and clients better.

In an age where competition has grown more fierce and traditional advertising has begun to wane in comparison to the power of the internet, more contracting and construction firms are focusing on specialization services rather than offering a broad range of construction services.

Along with the new marketing campaign announcing the company’s focus, the marketing campaign will also feature and position the company to be the affordable San Francisco roofing contractors in comparison to the competition.

This move will help them segment their market and further grow their business to new heights once combined with their fully up and running marketing campaign. The campaign will involve various digital media, content marketing and social media outreach to build a community that will follow their brand.

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About San Francisco Roofing Contractors

The company, owned by Sarah Stevens, started back in 2000 as the premiere contracting firm. Starting in 2016, the company has decided to narrow their services by focusing on their core roof repair and window replacement services.

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