Over And Above Media Launch Affordable Aerial Photography And Videography In North East Of England

The leading aerial filming and photography company helps reduce the cost by using remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs, which provide stunning quality images and videos. Over And Above Media provides spectacular vibration free aerial photo and videography services affordable rates, which can now be used by small businesses and consumers.

A leading aerial photography and videography service in the North East Of England has helped to reduce the cost of generating stunning aerial pictures by introducing remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs (Drones).

Aerial photography has always been expensive due to having to use a manned flying machine such as a helicopter or a small airplane to take stunning still pictures or videos. However, the North East leading aerial photography and videography service has made it more affordable by using unmanned crafts. That means the service has been opened up to a wider audience including smaller businesses and consumers.

Estate agents can now afford to use the service to promote houses for sale with either a still aerial image or video image that can be uploaded to their site to make the property more attractive. Consumers can also use the service to have pictures taken of their property to hang up in their home. With the modern equipment and by using unmanned aircraft, Over and Above Media is helping more people and businesses enjoy aerial photography.

Over and Above Media uses all the latest equipment, which includes DJI Inspire Pro mounted cameras that provide an ultra smooth cinematic footage with full 360-degree axis capabilities. It has a 4k resolution, which means the images being taken are the same quality as would be taken on a manned aircraft that would cost a great deal of money.

With the new aerial service, they have quickly become one of the most recommended services in the North East of England. Not only are they providing stunning still images and videography, they are also providing them at an affordable price, helping businesses reduce their outlay by thousands of pounds.

A spokesman for Over and Above Media said: “We understand that more businesses would like to use the services of aerial photography and videography companies but have been unable to do so due to the cost. That is why we have introduced our new service to make it more affordable.”

The service is available in North East Of England and consumers can even have access to the real-time view of images transmitted from the Drone. The service can help reduce the cost of music videos, promotional videos and even travel videos.

To learn more about the Aerial Photography And Videography, please visit http://overandabovemedia.co.uk/

About Over and Above Media

Over and Above Media is a leading aerial filming and photography company, using remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs (or ‘drones’) providing high-quality video and still images.

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