Custom Gold Grillz Launches Brand New Product

A new product has been officially launched by Custom Gold Grillz to cater to the needs of their valued clients.

If you have been looking for the best custom grillz, Custom Gold Grillz takes great pride in introducing their brand new product lineup that adheres to their strong commitment to quality.

Custom Gold Grillz is the number one and leading established jeweler that specializes in custom fitted and solid gold grillz. At their official website found at, you can get a glimpse of the solid gold teeth that shines and sparkles being offered by the company. They have pricing for all kinds of budgets to make sure that your mouth will get exactly what it deserves.

After placing your order, the company will send you a mold kit so that you will be able to take the impression and then send it back to them. Custom Gold Grillz will also make your grill then ship it back to you in just a matter of 5 to 7 business days.

According to Garv Leet, “Our removable grillz are custom fitted exactly to adhere to your teeth. For now, we do 8, 6 and 4 bottoms or tops in 18k, 14k or 10k solid white gold or yellow gold.”

For every 10k gold, this will come with 41.6& gold. As for 14k gold, this will have 58.5% gold and for the 18k gold, this will have 75% gold. The 10k gold is so far is the least expensive and the strongest against bending. However, this can tarnish much easier compared to the other options of karat. Meanwhile, the 14k gold serves as the best value for the consumers who are on a budget. This has very bright shine, is durable and also has medium hardness. Lastly, the 18k gold is the most expensive and is very durable, has very bright luster and will not tarnish that easily.

Custom Gold Grillz has been fully dedicated to bringing their customers with the hottest and most in demand hip hop grillz offered in the most affordable values that you can ever find in the market. They proudly carry the exclusive lines of the premium and premade grillz that are affordable but of the highest quality and can guarantee that you will continue to shine for a lifetime. Grillz that come in these prices can never be found anywhere else and Custom Gold Grillz will help you achieve the feel and look of thousand dollar griillz for just a fraction of a cost.

The company is composed of a team of expert and professional jewelers that make use of the most state of the art technology in the manufacturing processes in order to come up with high quality and one size fits gold fronts at reasonable prices for the ballers who are on a tight budget.

You can check out their Facebook page at or follow them on to stay updated about their new products.

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Company Name: Custom Gold Grillz
Contact Person: Garv Leet
Phone: (415) 580-0708
City: San Francisco
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